Diet Plan for Weight Gain

Hi ladies,

World is obsessed with their body shapes and sizes. Skinny people want to gain weight. People like me want to lose weight that too overnight 😛 and this cycle goes on and on…. So here I will tell you about a diet plan which will help you to gain weight. My near anorexic friend followed this diet plan and it has worked wonders for her.

Diet Plan for Weight Gain

A little note for you ladies.

You need a healthy weight gain and not the one which will give your body just empty calories. So make sure you eat healthy no matter if you are trying to lose or gain weight.

Before going for any diet plan, break the heavy 3 meals into 6-7 light meals to keep you motivated and energetic throughout the day.

Diet plan according to Indian food

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Early morning (before breakfast)


  1. 1 cup tea or coffee using full cream milk + 2 biscuits + 5-6 soaked almonds
  2. 1 glass of Skimmed milk with banana + 5-6 soaked almonds

Diet Plan for Weight Gain



  1. 2 slices of whole wheat toast with your favorite bread spread +1 bowl cereal with milk
  2. stuffed paranthas or upma or poha cooked with colorful vegetables with juice
  3. A bowl full of oats or porridge with milk
  4. 2 mung dal chilla stuffed with paneer + juice

Mid morning snack


  1. Roasted almond or soya bean + lassi
  2. Fruit or vegetable smoothie made with full cream milk, sugar or honey and your preferable ingredients
  3. Seasonal fruit of your choice with coconut water or lassi

Diet Plan for Weight Gain



  1. 2 – 3 rotis with any wet vegetable curry of your choice + 1 bowl dal + 1 bowl yoghurt + 1 bowl rice
  2. Pasta with olive oil dressing



  1. 1 glass banana shake and 2 biscuits
  2. Vegetable sandwich
  3. 1 cup tea or coffee with 4 digestive biscuits

Diet Plan for Weight Gain

Pre dinner snack


  1. 1 large bowl of vegetable soup
  2. Groundnut or dry fruit chikki


  1. 2 -3 rotis + 1 cup dry vegetables curry + salad with dressing + 1 bowl of dal +1 cup low fat dessert with fruits or dry fruits

Diet Plan for Weight Gain


  1. 1 glass warm milk with 1 tbsp raw honey and a pinch of turmeric

Hey, I just gave you few options that you can mix and match throughout the day and also on different days according to your taste and mood. You can alter it according to your needs too.


Diet plans are not for overnight miracles. You need to stick to them until you see visible results.
If you think or know that you are uncomfortable with any ingredient or allergic to it. Just give that a miss. Eat what suits you and your body.

Apart from this diet plan, maintain a healthy lifestyle. Drink plenty of water, do your daily exercise and say goodbye to your skinny self!

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12 thoughts on “Diet Plan for Weight Gain

  1. I have been underweight all my life 🙁 tried to stick to the diet chart given by my nutritionist but lazy me dropped that in between. I think will have to religiously follow ur post.

  2. Ive been so underweight which comes in between my wish of donating blood atleast once in my life. I do follow all these steps as it has been the routine that my mum set for us since we were kids but still i end up reducing weight rather than gaining 🙁

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