11 Hot Hairstyles for Spring 2017 that Suit Every Hair Type

By Drishti Kumar

Hello ladies,

Spring is already here and it’s going to be all colorful and nice. In this post, I am going to reveal hairstyles that are going to rule the beauty and fashion scene this season. These awesome hairstyles are perfect for all hair types and hair lengths.

Breezy layers with a quirky floral tiara

As we all know spring is all about vibrant flowers and quirky accessories, so sport a multicoloured or a simple white statement tiara the next time you want to amp up your hair to make heads turn.

Middle part messy hair

If you do not have much time on your hands but also have to go clubbing try this simple yet sophisticated hairstyle. You are sure to grab everyone’s attention.

Flirty braids

Braid is an evergreen hair option when it comes to the spring season. Adorn your braid with some quirky clips and you are good to go. If you’re worried about your big forehead, add some bangs and you are good to go.

Edgy ponytail with a messy and voluminous crown

You can sport this one at your office meetings, too. Just take a small teasing comb and tease the hairs at your crown area, make a puff and secure it with bobby pins. Pull your hair up into a high ponytail and you are ready. A very fresh and chic hairstyle!

Heavy floral tiara with messy bun

Talking of flowers, if you have a statement tiara like this, pull your hair up in a messy bun and wear it around your head to look like the princess that you are!

Bouquet ponytail

This is a must-see hairstyle for all spring brides and bridesmaids. Bookmark this one for sure girlies to make people go “aww” at your big day. If you have thin or short hair, add extensions to add more beauty.

Side part messy bob

Another great hairstyle for our office-going girls. If you have zero time to spare during busy mornings, try and go messy.

Top bun with uneven straight bangs

This will come in handy when your hair is a bit oily and you have no will to wash it for college, office or even parties. Pull your hair up in a high bun and let your bangs down to spill the magic wherever you go.

Have fun with hair colours

Since we associate spring with a lot of vibrant and quirky colours, it makes sense to add a tinge of vibrancy to your tresses, too. So go out and experiment till you find your best pick. If you are a commitmentphobic when it comes to hair color, opt for temporary but fun colors.

Beachy ombre waves

One of the best hairstyles to show off ombre hair colour. You can carry this one with almost every makeup look and outfit.

Quirky pixie bob

If you are a high-maintenance chick and do not mind frequent visits to the salon, get yourself a quirky pixie bob. Add some highlights and lowlights to up your hair game.

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