7 Wonderful Makeup Tips by Lisa Eldridge for Beauties with Glasses

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Hi my beauties,
Today’s article is going to be very helpful if you wear glasses daily. The problems we (I wear them too) face are red marks on nose, ridging and dented faded foundation, which is natural because anything putting pressure on your base will affect it for sure. With less foundation it can be avoided but then, you might want that extra coverage. How to do it then? Let’s do it in Lisa’s way and explore more amazing tips for us glass wearers in this post.
specs and eye makeup

1. Use an oil absorbing primer or a foundation with oil absorbing properties:

Lisa suggests using a primer and foundation with the ability to tackle that sebum. Oily skin is the real culprit when it comes to those marks on your face. Oil makes your skin shiny and then the foundation becomes slippery. Your glasses will start slipping off and then marks will be there. Lisa also recommends not to pile up foundation and concealer because more the product, more the chances of it getting dented.

2. Pin Point Concealing on Nose:

If you have some blemishes, spots or some freckles, go for pin point concealing technique. Don’t add layers of concealer all over the nose. Avoid the cakey feel, especially on the area where your glasses actually sit on your nose.

3. Eye Makeup:

glasses and mascara
• Eye primer – on the lid and under the eyes
When you wear glasses, the chances of smudging and creasing increases a lot more than usual. Use your eye primer on your eyelid as well as under the eyes where you are going to apply your concealer. This will help in avoiding messy creasing whenever your frame rubs against your skin.

• Any particular makeup look for glass wearers?
No, Lisa doesn’t believe so. If you are far sighted, your glasses will magnify your eyes and your ‘makeup skills’ too. So spidery lashes, badly blended eye shadows are a strict ‘no no’ for you beauties. Break the rule; wear bright colours if you want to. Go for any makeup look you want. But, keep it neat. On the other hand, short sighted glasses will make your eyes looks smaller. So you will need to work on how to get your eyes look normal-sized with those glasses on.

Different glasses will have different effects and then, everyone has a different personality. So go on and play with those colours.

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4. Use a mix of light reflective and non creasing concealer under your eyes:

Use this mix to lift the shadows and check it with your glasses on to detect the shadowy areas. Don’t forget to keep it light and not very layer-y.

5. Go for matte eye shadows:

Glasses and glittery eye shadow don’t get along well. So, use a matte eye shadow palette which has shades that compliment your skin tone as well for a standard go to makeup look.

6. Smudged kohl:

kohl with specs
Rather than defined sharp eyeliner, smudged kohl is going to look more attractive with glasses because it brings back the natural depth of your eyes. Use a nude eye liner on your lower water line if you think your eyes look too small with those glasses.

7. Mascara woes:

If your mascara is leaving marks on your lenses, you may want to try a waterproof one. If you think it’s too much for you for day to day basis, at least choose a long lasting one. Use mascara which has a wand that helps in separating those lashes because for far sighted magnified eyes, clumpy lashes will spoil the whole look. For short sighted beauties, go for a volumizing mascara. Get bulkiness on the roots to give definition and make your eyes bigger.

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  1. Yes Rati Ma’am her tips are very easy and practical. Being a specs girl, I always found it hard to have makeup on with glasses
    I’m glad u liked them 🙂

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