15 Essentials for Beautiful Skin

15 Essentials for Beautiful Skin

Need a list of daily essentials for perfect beautiful skin? Here are 15 essentials that you need in your vanity!

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As we all know, IMBB has completed 5 years and it is one of the very special moments in our life. And guys just notice the difference between what we were when we did not have this blog in our life. Something happening and cheerful was missing, but here we are all a part of this great blog. Sincerely, thanks to the whole IMBB team for being the greatest people and offering guidance whenever required. Thanks a lot and I will always be a part of IMBB no matter what!!

Complete bunch of essentials

Coming to today’s post, who does not want beautiful, but most importantly healthy skin? Somewhere we miss out on certain things or certain facts that might cause skin problems like blemishes and acne which can frustrate anyone.  Here is a list of almost all the essentials that I thought would be able to give you the perfect skin, if you take proper care.

1. Face wash/ face scrubs:  

Complete bunch of essentials

Obviously, I do not need to talk much about them, they are important in facial care.  They are always there in a girl’s kitty and I have tons of face washes and scrubs.  Select a face wash that will suit your skin type and choose a specialized one according to your skin’s need – i.e., ageing, fairness, acne, blemishes or just a pure cleanser. Remember not to use a face wash more than twice a day, preferably use it in the morning and night. Because using it more might just rip off the moisture from your skin and make it dull. Stick to just one face wash, do not keep switching often because you will not see the results that you might have expected out of that face wash.

2. Skin toners/ facial mists:

Complete_bunch_of_essentials_for_health_2 (1)

The second most important thing in the CTM routine are toners.  They help to tone up the face, refine pores and also, the main thing is that they remove excess oil and dirt from the pores that might just not go off with water. Also, toner pulls out makeup residue and makes the skin squeaky clean.  Toners also help to even tone skin.  The ideal way to use a toner is by applying them with a cotton pad, using hands or fingers might transfer bacteria.

3.  Day creams/night creams and serums:


I have always observed that most people do not use a toner, but they do follow this 3rd step of applying a night cream or day cream. If these creams are picked correctly, they just help to clear away all the skin problems. Again, night creams target specific issues and come for different skin issues like ageing, dry skin, normal skin, oily skin, acne prone, etc.  So, go ahead and choose the right one for yourself. If a face wash, toner, day cream and night cream from the same range are used, then it will give synergistic effect.  Also, our loving Jomol di and Neha di have come up with amazing compilations, so if you are confused, then go ahead and pick the right one from the lists that they have created for us.

4. Spot treatments:  


This is the main problem with people with acne=prone skin. You never know when a huge red pimple may pop out! and it can be so embarrassing.  Obviously, the concealer helps, but spot treatments are of great help.  They tend to give good results overnight and quickly, if the right one is picked and it will totally help to minimize the size and redness of a pimple. Zero in on spot treatments that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

5. Facial treatments/ facial kits:


Facials can refresh and rejuvenate skin.  Facials can add glow to the face.  Facial treatments once a month should be taken to clean up the skin and pores and buff away dead and dull skin cells. If you do not prefer taking facial treatments at the parlour every month, then we have a huge variety of facial kits available that you can use at home.

6. Sunscreen:  


Be it winter or summer or monsoon, a sunscreen always has to be there in every girl’s closet.  Apply it every day before you leave the house. We absolutely have no idea the extent to which sun can damage our skin.  Applying a sunscreen with a good SPF content will help to protect our skin from sun spots, tan, ageing, and a variety of other skin problems.

7. BB creams:


Most of you would consider this as a make-up essential, but it is combined with skin care properties as well. Many of the BB creams claim to reduce blemishes and give good protection against sun, so somewhere they could be included in the category of skin care essentials as well. There are a variety of BB and CC creams to select from according to your skin shades. They not only give a beautiful glow to your skin but protects it as well.

8. Steamers/blackhead tools/nose pore strips:

Complete bunch of essentials for health

As is generally seen, most of the pore clogging happens near the nose area. They do not come out easily with face washes or face scrubs. Including a steam routine every week will open up the pores and you can then clean it out with a blackhead remover tool or merely a rough towel. And if you find this procedure of using a blackhead tool painful, then go for pore strips which removes all the whiteheads and blackheads effectively and without pain.

9. Eye creams/ eye gels/ eye masks:


Eye area is very sensitive and lotions or face creams should not be applied under the eye area. It tends to make the skin darker and does not keep the area hydrated.  Pick up a good eye cream that can be applied twice daily for wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and also which can provide good hydration. Brands have also come up with soothing eye gels which are made of essential extracts like aloe vera and green tea or tea tree which help to soothe out tired skin and puffiness. Another alternative is using gel masks.  You can wear them and relax and get up with refreshed eyes.

10. Face packs/sheet masks/peel off masks:

Complete bunch of essentials for health

How can we forget them? Don’t we like applying those cute sheets masks and face packs. They help in giving us back the glow that we have lost during the week’s time and help to remove the dullness.  There are a variety of face packs available in town and probably we cannot even count them. Different fragrances, cute colours and rejuvenating feeling is all we get from the mask, then how could we even ignore them?

11. Lip balms/lip butters:

Maybelline lip balm


In the winters, everyone hoards cute and yummy flavoured lip balms and lip butters.  These lip balms help to keep the lips soft and moisturized in the harsh winters.

12. Natural hydration:  


Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day because it actually works.  I personally saw a difference in my skin after I started drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water every day.  Hydration helps to dry out pimples from within and also gives a good natural glow to the skin.  The most effective way would be to drink 2 glasses of hot water in the morning before brushing your teeth that is what people say.

13. Natural home remedies:


Still facing skin problems even after trying loads of expensive products? Go for home remedies and I am sure they will never let to down. We hae lots of natural ingredients that can treat a host of skin problems.  They show slow results but are very effective. Jomol di and Neha di have again shared amazing compilations of home remedies, so go ahead and search for effective remedies.

14. A separate napkin:  


Most of you might be using a same napkin after you wash your face that your family members use or which is hanging in your washroom or near the sink. Beware you are spreading bacteria all over your skin. So maintain a separate napkin and wash it every two days.  Also disposable tissues can be used everyday. Also use sanitizers twice in a day.

15. Facial wipes:


These are the most handy skin care essential that you can carry everywhere along.  It will help remove all the grime and impurities and are best used while travelling. Also at the time of removing makeup, these can be used to remove any residue if noticed. And how can one avoid the fragrance? That is the best part with these wipes.

So, these were the list of face care essentials to get healthy skin.  I hope you guys liked this post of mine.  I have tried to put in everything I thought was important.. thank you for reading..!!

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