20 Fun Facts about Women that No Woman would Disagree Upon!

Hi ladies,

Women are complex creatures. It is not very easy to understand us. Sometimes we say something else but mean something entirely different. No matter what we do, we are adorable creature and the world revolves around us. Let’s find out some of the fun facts that are all in good humour and we can kind of relate to quite a lot of them.

female brain

1. The word woman is derived from the Middle English word “wyfman”, meaning “wife (wyf) of the man”.

2. The average woman spends about 120 hours a year, or five entire days, admiring her reflection in a mirror and I think IMBBians spend quite more time than that.

3. Over the course of a woman’s entire lifetime, she will have eaten about 2-3 kilos of lipstick. Now that is fascinating. We should start using more non transferrable lippies now 😛


4. We have more clothes than all our family combined together but we still have nothing to wear ever!

5. The most embarrassing thing for women is to find another woman who is wearing the same dress as her. She will not go near that girl the whole night or she will probably disappear even before the party has started.

6. When we go on a 3 day trip then we will probably pack at least 9-10 outfits as we are never sure what we will feel like wearing on each day.

7. We spend nearly one year of our entire life deciding what to wear. Of course we do! It is not easy being the showstopper that we are on a daily basis.

8. Women love to talk and talk, and then talk some more. I have never met a woman that didn’t like to talk. We can talk for hours nonstop and will still be full of energy.

9. Women are bad at keeping secrets as telling the secret to your best friend doesn’t count. Right?

talking women

10. No matter how fit or thin we are, we always have some weight to lose. We always have some problem areas that we need to work on. The best part is most of us only complain and never really do anything about it except cribbing.

11. Women are always attracted to bad boys, but eventually settle down with one of the good guys.

12. We have no interest in any kind of sports. The only thing that we like is walk to the shop where we are going to buy all the unnecessary things that we would probably never wear or use.

shopping bags

13. Women like looking at men, just as much as men like looking at women. They just know how to hide it better! So true!

14. An average woman never really apologizes for anything in the relationship. Even if we are wrong, we will make that poor guy feel sorry for that too.

15. We don’t like our hands to be free. We feel incomplete. That is why we compensate that feeling with the help of oversized bags or clutches.

16. We have at least 20-25 different products in our bathroom which are hard to identify for a guy.

17. We look for our sunglasses when they are comfortably sitting right on top of our head 😛

18. We seldom empty our huge bags. Sometimes we even find the parking ticket that is 1 year old.

19. We always apply our eyeliner and mascara with our mouths open. No one knows why?

20. We arrange stuff into the right place and then, we forget where the right place was 

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4 thoughts on “20 Fun Facts about Women that No Woman would Disagree Upon!

  1. goodness that 1 year old ticket fits me very well 😛 i always find year old purchse receipts even gift cards in my bags which seldom surface in times of need 😛 and seriously that bathroom full of pdts which are yet mystery to my hubby lol 😀 except few points i so agree with ur post vandana 😀 as always brilliant post!!

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