4 Blushes You’d Ever Need in your Makeup Kit

4 must have blushes

Hi Everyone, 🙂

Today’s post is about blushes. As much as I am a lipstick addict, I am also a blush addict. There probably isn’t a day when I do makeup and I don’t wear blushes. I have loooads of blushes but there are in essence only 4 colors that I always reach for. And I feel that even if I don’t have any other blush color, I can totally survive on these 4. Well…just saying hypothetically… it’s a lie. 😛

Anyhoo, let’s see. :))

A pink blush : When you naturally blush, you blush in the shade of pink. That pink would be different for different people depending on their skin tones. For paler skin tones, it may be a pale/reddish pink, for medium it could be a medium warm/ cool toned pink and for darker skin tones, it could be a plummish/berry toned pink. But there HAS to be a pink blush shade for your skin tone that would make your skin glow even on your dull skin days. So pick one that made just for you. 🙂

A Coral Blush : If you are like me who uses a lot of peachy and orange lipsticks, a coral blush is a must have. It’s sort of a mid way color that would work with all orange tones. Sometimes I would mix the coral with a cool toned pink to make a different shade. It works. 🙂

A dark brown blush : A dark brown blush that is neutral toned- neither too orange, nor too muddy. Just the perfect blend that would help your contour your features. You can mix it with coral blush as well and work it as a day time muted color for cheeks. Also, if you have very light skin, you can use it as a bronzer to add a bit of warmth to your skin. I mean bronzing (if done right) looks gorgeous on all skin tones but mostly people who are too pale really feel the NEED to bronze their skin. I use it mostly to contour. I am obsessed with contouring to say the least. 😀 So find that shade that shows well on your skin without making you look washed out, dull or dirty.

A pale champagne gold color : I think a champagne gold colors works like a charm for warmer Indian skin tones. It lifts up your cheekbones, makes your nose look taller, your lips look perkier…you know it adds all the niceties to your face. 🙂 And you MUST use it for evenings. I mean you totally want the evening lights to hit all the right spots of your face. 🙂 Check out this tutorial on highlighting that I did many years ago. 🙂

There’s a tutorial on how to apply blush as well.

How to Contour your Face 

For reference, I have light to medium skin tone.

Blushes Shown : NARS Laguna Bronzer (which looks like I am eating it up. :P), NARS Albatross Highlighter, Maybelline Cheeky Glow in Coral, Bobbi Brown Blush in Pale Pink

4_blushes you'd need collection

So tell me, do you own all these 4 colors in your makeup collection? Please share the blush names along with your skin tones. 🙂

Below are links of loads of posts that would help you choose the right shade for your skin tones. 🙂 Good luck!

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44 thoughts on “4 Blushes You’d Ever Need in your Makeup Kit

  1. I have pink and coral one but not sure whether gold or brown will suit my fair skin tone or not…

  2. I am loving these posts Rati../… *woot* *woot* *woot* I only own the Maybelline cheeky glow one and sleek’s blush *nababana*

  3. Such an amazing post Rati… *thankyou*
    FYI… I am NC 43.5 *shy*
    I’ve been into blushes very recently. I bought two of them recently from Deborah Milano. One is peach and another is warm pink (cant recollect the names, i guess shade 03 and 05). I got them in 50% off *happy dance* .. being a newbie i bought only two… *duh*
    Whenever I apply reddish, brownish or orange shades of lippie, I apply the peach one and for pinks and wine colors I apply the pink one. *powder* *pompom*

    Thanks to your suggestions, I’ve read almost all your posts regarding blushes and lippies 😛

  4. I have seen the tutorial and tried Rati but blushes always gives me different results every time.. sometime they are just perfect and sometimes I look too dolled up 🙁 I have a warm skin tone , wheatish complexion with yellow undertone.. I choose light pink and light bronze color for my blushes . do advice me what to do .. 🙁 should I stop using blushes ? but honestly I love blushes . how should I get it right.. I have maybelline cheeky glow peachy sweetie and coloressence satin smooth blusher … both I have used only twice 🙁 do reply

    1. you know you could pick blush on your brush, pat some of it at the back of your hand and then apply it on your cheek. this would prevent your from going overboard and you can totally control the amount of color on your cheeks. Also if you go overboard, just take a tissue and a pat away the excess blush.

      I saw you pic, you have beautiful eyes btw. I think you should use a medium toned/ berry toned pink for your beautiful warm complexion. A light pink is most likely clashing with your skin tone. It should look natural.

        1. I can suggest mac desert rose and breezy to you. You may check the shades and can look for similar shades in drugstore brands. 🙂 Also, if possible try the shade at the stores. You’d instantly know what’s working for you. 🙂

  5. Blush is my new love!experimenting from Maybelline cheeky glow to Chanel cream ones,enjoying them all but still to find that perfect shade!waise I am loving these chotu posts! *hifive*

  6. Hello Rati, my four go-to blushes follow a slightly different pattern, as my skin tone is mediterranean olive/bronze. Think Italian, or Greek, or Spanish, though I’m German. 😀 Pink simply doesn’t look good on me, neither does peach. Instead I use a natural red: 07 Flamingo by Alverde (a German natural cosmetics drugstore brand), and a rosewood shade: 04 Rosewood by Rival de Loop Young (also a German drugstore brand). My dark brown blush is NYX Powder Blush in Taupe, and my highlighter blush is P2 Perfect Face All Over Illuminator (P2 is also a German drugstore brand).

    I hope you don’t mind me posting here, since I’m German, but I love this site, and is very fascinating to see the Indian beauty products, and how beauty products from the West are reviewed by different standards because of the difference in climate and skin tone.

    Many hugs,
    Sandra <3

  7. Ohhhh, woops, I forgot something – since three out of the four blushes I mentioned are exclusive to the German market (you can’t order them online, sorry :(), it might be fun to trade? 😀

    1. such a lovely comment sandra. Totally loved reading your perspective. 🙂

      The courier charges are super high here so more than the content of the package, would be the courier cost. loll!! Sorry about that.

      Have heard amazing things about P2. Hope to try it some day. 🙂

  8. nars is not available :(whats the alternative to laguna bronzer..i have same skin tone as u 🙂
    i have shimmer brick and coralista 😀

  9. woww one more post of must haves… love you Rati for such posts *puchhi* I have cheecky glow coral and one hot pink but i need to get some bronze’s in my stash 🙂

  10. Wow another post worth bookmarking 😀 I’m not more of a blush person *scared* The only blush I own is Maybelline Cheeky Glow Peach 😛 actually I think I am hesitant on picking up blushes because I don’t know what will go with my skin tone *scared* what do you think will suit me? 🙂
    And you look lovely! Love your green nail paint *drool* which one?

  11. oh i have about 10 of them and cant get enough of blushes ever 😛 😛 *happy dance*

    Lovely post Rati!! *clap* *clap* *clap*
    Whoever uses foundation or BB cream, SHOULD use a light blush at least.. foundations can wash out the natural blush undertones from our face, and we can look very artificial without putting the color back on!

    Girls, here are my two cents for yellower skinned girls.. I am NC30 with yellow undertones, Love MAC Fleur Power for everyday soft glow and then Illamasqua Lover and Hussy for everyday day/night transition!

    Benefit Cha Cha tint is a must try for all those who are fair and love a healthy mango tinted peachy glow! Benefit Posietint is also a lovely pink liquid cheek stain.. I use it when I go for a medium/full coverage foundation and dont want to look deathly white and even all over..

    The only WRONG blush buy for me has been : MAC Ambering Rose.. Its too brick reddish and rusty for me as a blush.. I only use it to contour apricot colored blushes a bit!!

  12. That was most sought for -info, in a single shot. Gr8 Rati. I think i should seriously give a little more try to makeup (apart from party make-ups) and that too with these blushes.

  13. hit pan!!! *woot*
    I got into blushes thanks to you and Neha… *puchhi*
    trying hard to get the perfect peach/coral for my skin tone….. *waiting*
    a good brush is as important as a good blush, hai na?? *haan ji*

  14. Awsome post Rati *thankyou*
    Need help…I am NC 25…n really want to go for no makeup look….imagine brown kajal…n MAC soar lip pencil…ke sath…which blush would you suggest for me 🙂

  15. I have 3 of them… dont have a pink one *headbang* For pink I usually dab two dots of my pink lipstick that i am wearing…may be thats why i never felt a need of buying *hihi*
    great post rati..post more more more of these *puchhi*

  16. Shame I own only one blush Colorbar earthy brown!! I want to try more of pinks and coral…but dunno how coral will luk on me. I hv wheatish skin with very sensitive skin

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