How To Choose The Right Blush

How To Choose The Right Blush

A blush is often considered to be a wonder makeup; do you know why? Well, that is because no matter how pale your skin may look, a few strokes with your blush brush would give you a glow like never before. However, it is important that you invest in the right shade as per your requirements. This article is dedicated to all those beautiful ladies who get confused as soon as they enter the cosmetic shop and see an array of blush shades in a variety of types! With the help of a few simple tips, choosing the right kind of blush and the right shade of blush is going to be quite an easy task.

How to apply Blush

How To Choose Blush Color That Looks Natural On Your Skin:


• Are you fond of going for aerobic workouts? Well, next time you go for your aerobic session, do not forget to watch the color of your cheeks! Try to get hold of a blush shade akin to this color and you will look absolutely natural whenever you apply this shade on your cheeks.
• There is little to worry if you are not an aerobic enthusiast. All you need to do is to bend down so that you can touch your toes with the help of your fingers for a couple of minutes. Your face gets a natural tinge and a blush of this color would be perfect for you if you want a natural look.

How To Choose Blush Color- A Few Random Tips To Remember:


• Coral, beige and shades of pink look great if you are naturally fair.
• If your skin tone is dark, go for darker shades of blush. You can go for shades of burgundy and wine apart from bronze and plum.
• For skin tone that hinges on being yellowish, warm brown shades would be nice.
• Is your skin sun tanned? Choose from shades of apricot and orange.
• If warm trendy colors like olive green, peach, red and pink suit you, pick a blush in earthy tomes like bronze, warm red and brown.
• If you look cool in fashionable colors like green, lavender and water tones like aqua and blue, invest in blushes of pastel pink, crimson, rose, peach and wine colors.
• For an everyday use, go for soft shades of peach, pink and apricot.
• You may also consider matching your blush shade with the color of your lipstick.


It is equally important for you to maintain the right intensity of blush color. Hence, while you choose from the different blush shades available, keep the following pointers in mind:

• If your skin tone is fair, the intensity of your blush should be light to medium.
• If your skin tone is deep, the intensity of your blush should be medium to deep.
• If your skin tone is medium, the intensity of your blush should be medium too.

How To Choose the Right Kind of Blush Based on Skin Type:


There are diverse choices when it comes to blushes and therefore, you might find it very confusing while you think of investing in the right kind. Here are a few tips that would help you out:

• If your skin type is oily and you crave for a blush which should last longer on your cheeks, go for a powder blush.
• If you have a skin type that can be well described as oily to normal, go for gel blushes.
• Is your skin dry? Choose from the variety of cream blushes which are easily available at your cosmetic shop.

How To Choose the Right Kind of Blush Based on Effect:


• If you want a blush which dries fast, go for a tint blush.
• If you want a blush to give your cheeks a translucent and natural effect while keeping your skin hydrated, a cream blush will be the best for you.
• Do you want a blush to add a glittery shine for parties at night? Choose a shimmer blush in the right shade.
• If you want your blush to impart pure glow to your skin without the shimmery effect, invest in a gel blush.
• If you want a blush which would ensure a smooth and hassle-free application, perhaps nothing can be better than a powder blush!

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