4 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Long, healthy, luscious hair – is this the description for your ideal hair? But growing them out is the problem you are struggling with? Aren’t we all? If this all sounds too familiar, read on to find out the solution to this issue.

4 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster


Some lucky lasses out there have fast hair growth inculcated in their genes since before they were born into this world, but what about the rest? Here we go.

4 ways to make your hair grow fast

1. Say no to styling: Sure your hair looks like a frizzy mess if not tend to, but applying endless products to it and easing them out with those snazzy GHD’s, is only a temporary solutions. Allowing your hair to breathe and adapting fuss free hair styles, while letting them to dry naturally will not only help improve the texture of your hair, but also increase hair thickness and growth.

4 ways to make your hair grow fast

2. Pop in those Biotin pills: Said to be a miracle for hair dilemmas. Biotin pills are great supplements to be taken if you want lustrous hair with fast growth. Look for them at your local pharmacy.

4 ways to make your hair grow fast

3. Protein it up: Your hair is essentially made up of keratin, is actually a family of fibrous protein – as suggested by Google. Protein intake will naturally increase your hair growth. So stock up on that egg and fish. And for those vegetarian ladies like me, make food rich in iron your best friend for great results.

4 ways to make your hair grow fast

4. Is that Gelatin in your tea?: Sources in the western part of the world say, mixing a bit of gelatin powder in your tea will help initiate hair growth and accelerate the speed, with more thickness. If consumption orally is not your cup of tea, then mixing it in your shampoo once a week is a great alternative. And voila, say hello to fast growing, thick hair.

While I agree, the last step is definitely not going to be a go to one for a lot of ladies in India. But do try the other steps for hair that grows super fast, but remember everything takes time – so don’t expect miracles immediately. Everything comes in time! Hope you all enjoyed this article, let me know your tips and tricks too.

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  1. Hey Raashi…
    amazing and very helpful post (Y)
    Would you Plz suggest, which biotin Pills we can opt for?
    I was looking at Healthkart, but bit confused about which one to order..

  2. Interesting tips…I always plan to let my hair grow long…but it doesn’t grow much. I am going to try the biotin pills…does it have any side effects?

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