Johnson’s Baby Prickly Heat Powder Review

Johnson’s Baby Prickly Heat Powder

Everyone knows that Johnson’s products are so mild for the baby and that’s the reason why they are given number one priority when it comes to babies and kids.

Last year, I was buying some medicines in a medical store and that’s when I saw this product, Johnson’s baby prickly heat powder. So, I thought it would be great for my kid, especially in summer. Since then, I have been applying this on him, only around neck and underarms. Of course, his underarms do not sweat, but he does around neck. I even use this prickly heat powder on him in monsoons, because he sweats even during monsoons because of playing and jumping, you know how kids are!!

Johnson's Prickly Heat Powder

Anyways, jumping into the details of the product.

What the Product Claims:

Clinically proven mild, specially formulated to suit baby’s delicate skin with goodness of Pudina and Nilgiri tail. The powder halps fight prickly heat and skin infection while providing cooling sensation and soothing the skin,

What I Think About Johnson’s Baby Prickly Heat Powder:

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I guess this is their first product with Ayurvedic medicine. Most of the contents in this product are Ayurvedic. It works really well on prickly heat. I was scared to use prickly heat powder meant for adults for him since he was less than 1 year last year. So, fortunately I found Johnson’s prickly heat powder. I am glad that “Johnson’s” has introduced this range. It smells really good. I can smell Pudina and especially Nilgiri oil while using this.


Dugdhapashana — 97.82% R.T
Jasad Bhasma — 1.00 % A.S.S
Starch Derivative — 0.50%
Nilgiri tail — 0.25%
Fragrance — 0.18%
Pudina satva — 0.15%
Chloroxylenol — 0.10%



It really works on prickly heat and can prevent it too.
I like the smell of the powder which is a combination of Pudina and Nilgiri oil, but Nilgiri oil’s smell is a little stronger than Pudina.
Most of the ingredients are Ayurvedic.


I can’t think of any con. This is a perfect one for my kid.

The colour of the powder looks same as the original one, but what I think is the original powder is a little softer than the prickly heat powder.


Rs. 45 for 100 gm.

I tried to find a bigger one, but I dont know why nobody has bigger pack than this, maybe Johnson’s didn’t introduce the bigger pack. If you are lucky, you may find one.

Shelf Life:

24 months.



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14 thoughts on “Johnson’s Baby Prickly Heat Powder Review

  1. Hi Krupa nice article! But I have heard that Johnson’s baby products cause allergic reaction in kids nowdays, and to add to that it triggered allergy in my son also.. 🙁 good that it suits your baby. :thumbsup:

  2. Nidhi..

    For my son it was not allergic, however my brother’s son was allergic to it till 5-6 months, after that he is also used to it..

    but many doctors advised not to use powder on new born babies..

  3. Krupa… son is allergic to Johnson’s powders and oil altogetheer 🙁 doctor said I can use it after he gets 2 years of age

  4. I have been using the normal Johnson powder on both on 7 year old & 1.5 year old & i love it for it’s smell…….never felt the need of prickly heat as the normal one was doing it’s job well . but now that i know abt this i’ll check it out in the next summer season 🙂

  5. I feel awkward whenever someone mentions J & J products… 😐 😐 😐
    Bcoz my Amma used to se them on me until I was 9 years old. :struggle:
    But,yes.Great review!~ :thumbsup:

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