How To Use Essential Oils Safely

How To Use Essential Oils Safely

Essential oils, also known as ‘ethereal oils’, are concentrated and volatile. Obtained from various parts of plants like seeds, flowers, roots, barks and leaves by means of distillation, expression and solvent extraction, these volatile oils have unique properties and scent of their own. They are used in cosmetics and aromatherapy for wellness, healing, hair care, skincare and a variety of medicinal purposes. The use of essential oils constitutes one of the best holistic approaches towards life. The right blend of essential oils can solve your beauty problems and health-related problems most effectively.

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Therapeutic Benefits Of Using Essential Oils

How To Use Essential Oils Safely

Pure essential oils can be used daily to obtain the best benefits. You must; however, ensure that you use them safely and blend them in the right proportions. Essential oils are very potent and can be used in aromatherapy treatments to treat different problems and ailments.

Here are the top benefits of using essential oils:


• They are antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic in nature. Hence, it can be used to treat inflammations and quite a number of infections and ailments caused by bacteria and viruses.
• They can be used for massaging the body after dilution as they penetrate the skin easily.
• They are known to detoxify not only the skin cells but also blood.
• They are great for inducing relaxation of brain and stimulating blood flow.
• These oils can be used for treating athlete’s foot, high blood pressure, menstrual cramps and also arthritis pain. Inhaling essential oils can be effective in treating breathing problems.
• The oils can be safely incorporated in beauty and cosmetic products to keep beauty problems at bay. Some of the most well-known oils in this respect are tea-tree oil, lavender, sandalwood and chamomile. Essential oils are also very powerful antioxidants.
• They are efficient in treating problems like anxiety, stress, stings, stomach disorders and burns.
• They are known to promote physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

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How To Use Essential Oils Safely?


Safety is a priority and when it comes to the use of essential oils, you need to be very careful since the liquids are very strong. The oils which are known to have several benefits might become harmful under certain conditions. Thus, to prevent any unpleasant and destructive side effects, make sure that you refrain from wrong usage.

Try to keep the following aspects in mind:

• Always dilute essential oils with carrier oils like olive, grape seed and hazelnut oil (or at least water) before using on your skin.
• If you are using an essential oil for the first time, use it in small quantities. Wait for a day to see of it causes any reaction. If it suits you, continue using it for your beauty or health needs. The best area to do a patch test is the bottom of your feet.
• Consult with an experienced beautician, trained aromatherapy practitioner or physician before you use any essential oil. If you are allergic, do not use these volatile oils.
• Certain oils like camphor, rue, onion, bitter almond, sassafras, pennyroyal and wormwood can be hazardous and not suitable for aromatherapy. Make sure you take the advice of an aroma-therapist before you use them.
• Close the bottle tightly after using the oils. Store the bottle in a cool place.
• One should not take oils internally unless prescribed otherwise by any qualified practitioner.
• They must be kept away from direct contact with eyes; especially if you are using oils with phenol content in high levels. Some such oils are lemongrass, cinnamon, oregano, thyme and clove. If you tough your eyes or your contact lens with traces of these oils in your hands, it may not be good for your eyes and contacts.
• Since these oils, especially pine, peppermint, orange and fir, are known to be flammable, keep away from fire hazards.
• Wash your hands properly after using essential oils.
• Refrain from going out in the sun immediately after application of essential oils; this might cause sensitivity. Some of the most photosensitive essential oils are tangerine, grapefruit, orange, bergamot and lemon. If your skin is exposed to the direct rays of sunlight within three or four days of application, it might result in rashes and dark pigmentation.
• Most essential oils are not fit for use by pregnant women.
• Do not use methanol-rich essential oils, like the peppermint oil, on the neck area of babies who are below thirty months.
• If you have high blood pressure, use oils like basil, nutmeg, hyssop, tansy, peppermint, wintergreen, sage, fennel, rosemary and tarragon oils only under professional guidance.
• While you use essential oils in bath water, use a bath gel base or Epsom salts; if you do not use a dispersing agent, undiluted essential oils would float and might cause discomfort if your skin is sensitive.

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