5 Fun and Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day Date

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So this is the love month and I am sure all the couples are super excited for this day. People would be planning a lot of things and buying gifts for their partner. After all, Valentine’s day is one day in the whole year where you take out utmost time for each other. Kidding! 😀 Happy couples do spend time with each other a lot, but going on a very romantic date feels exceptional. I have always dreamt of very nice and romantic date ideas for Valentine’s day and I would like to share with all you guys.

Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day Date

1. Candle Light Dinner Date

I am not talking about any simple candle light dinner in a five star hotel. This, we can do every now and then, but Valentine’s day date is supposed to be special. I am talking about arranging a candle light dinner at some forest or beach area, whichever is your partner’s favourite. Even if you do not have time to do this, you can plan out a candle light dinner at home by lighting as many scented candles as you can. Decorate your complete living area with different candles, cook his favorite food all by yourself and decorate the dinning area with roses. This would be completely budget-friendly.

2. Surprise Him or Her

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The best thing that people get in life are good surprises. You can plan out for any one thing which your partner seriously desires to do or to have. You can gift him that one thing he has always wanted to have. Not that I am talking about some sports car, but those little things which can you purchase by saving a few bucks like a good sound system or a high end watch. My partner has always liked it when I experiment with my looks, so this Valentine’s day I am surprising him by looking a little more pretty. I have not met him for a month as we two were busy and as I had to show him some good difference. So I worked on my diet, bought a red dress which he always wanted me to wear. 🙂

3. Plan Out a Trip

I know this is not easy for everyone to take out time, but if you cannot plan to go out of town with him or her, opt for a full day leave or even exciting – a night out. Take your common friends with you too for some extra fun. By doing so you two will have a lot of fun with common friends. This would be something new in your relationship if you haven’t planned out a night stay with him yet.
For those who have done this, you can plan to book a lavish room in a resort where you guys can enjoy sauna, swimming etc together.

4. Camp Fire Date

camping date

Camp fire can also be turned into a romantic idea. Just go to a safe place where you can put your tents, burn some fire, open some wine and cut a Valentine’s day cake. You guys can have the best time for your relationship there. If you have future plans with him or her, this could be the best time to pop up the question. If not with a ring, with some Chinese candles all around. 😉 I would love that.

5. Book a Lounge and Celebrate with Friends 

You can also plan a date by booking a lounge or hall area with music, beverages and little decorations with flowers, candles etc, and invite all your friends for a joint Valentine’s day party. If there are any money issues, there is a solution. Ask your close friends, who are in a relationship, to contribute. I mean, if you are a girl you can ask your girlfriends to contribute and give a joint party to your boyfriends. This would be a great get-together which is budget friendly and fun.

Keep these in mind too:

• Do gift each other something special
• Take out time for your partner at least on this day
• This is the best day to propose them
• Do something different from your regular life

gift ideas for valentine's day

• No girl would say no to roses, chocolates, soft toys – so guys, you know what to gift
• This one is for boys – it would be so much better if you could take us for shopping 😀 Girls can do this too, take him shopping and get him some super sexy stuff

Enjoy this Valentine’s day guys, feel the love! 🙂

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