5 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Makeup Look Flawless

Hi everyone,

Today I will be sharing some of my tricks and tips to achieve that flawless makeup look.


1. Eyelash Curler:


First is an old-school trick, I love eyelash curler and to hold that curl in place, I like to warm-up my eyelash curler with a hair dryer or even with your finger tip to warm it up slightly, to get a better curl. So, warm it up, press it on the back of your hand to make sure it’s not too hot and use the same way you always do. That little bit of heat locks in the curl.

2. Eyelashes:


Second trick, I recurl my eyelashes after I apply mascara. You might think, that is going to break your lashes? But no, it doesn’t happen if you do it in a proper way. Make sure your mascara is completely dry and when you go into curling it again, don’t put as much pressure on. Just very lightly press over the lashes and that will lift them again.

3. False Eyelashes:

Once I have applied my false eyelashes, I give them a quick curl. You must be careful with this. You must open your curler as wide as you can, get all the lashes in there and then very slowly and very lightly press downwards. You don’t have to put too much pressure on, because all we are doing is like, sandwiching your two lashes together. But be very careful because when you open them they can sometimes stick to the top, slowly open them, just press downwards and this will make sure that the lashes are not attached to the top of the curler. This trick makes false lashes feel so light weight and they look very natural.

4. Eyebrows:


The next trick is for anybody who loves their brows but don’t get time to get it done. This hack is for you; I do this once in two weeks and it really keeps the shape in between my threading or waxing sessions. All you need is a spoolie to brush your brows upwards and downwards and anything that isn’t within your line, you can trim with the help of tiny pair of scissors. Any only cut off the tips of the hair, don’t go too close to the brows, because when you are going to brush them back, they are going to be too short.

5. Liquid foundation and Powder Foundation:


This hack is absolute favourite of mine. Liquid foundation and Powder foundation, thin layer of both will help you achieve flawless look. So, apply your liquid foundation your usual way and instead of setting it with a powder set it with a powder foundation. You can do this trick with everything, just start off with a liquid highlighter and set it with the powder highlighter to get that gorgeous glow. Or apply your cream highlighter, bronzer or blush and when quickly go over with a powder highlighter, bronzer or blush. This makes makeup way look lasting and it looks flawless. This just creates the airbrushed finish. It’s gorgeous!!

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