6 Facts about Essential Oils that You Need to Know

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Essential oils have been creating waves for centuries, and there is a renewed interest in aromatherapy. To reap maximum benefits from these miraculous oils, here are six facts you need to know now.
6 Facts about Essential Oils that You Need to Know

1. Don’t step out in the sun

Many essential oils, including all citrus oils variants grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, mandarin, tangerine, and bergamot, and others like ginger, can cause harm to your skin if applied topically and worn in the sun. Restrict their usage indoors and on days you don’t need to face the sun.

2. Use them at shower-time

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Essential oils penetrate much deeper into the skin when applied with heat. The easiest place to do this is in the shower. You can apply a dab of essential oil onto your temple, chest or any other point of concern and take a warm shower. The steam lifts up the oil and allows the microparticles to go deeper into your lungs as you breathe in for maximum benefits.

3. Inhale their goodness

Inhaling an essential oil is the fastest and best way to experience its amazing therapeutic benefits. Put two to three drops of your favorite oil on a tissue or cotton ball and relax. Breathe in the scent and experience the total aroma. A good one to use to de-stress is lavender oil.

4. Water can’t remove them

Using water to remove oils actually accelerates the spreading process. If needed, remove the unwanted oil by diluting it on your skin with cooking oil, like olive or grapeseed, and wipe off clean.

5. Label examination is a must

Just because a bottle is labeled “natural” or “therapeutic” or “pure” does not mean it is an authentic essential oil. Instead, you should check for quality indicators like the Latin botanical name, source or origin, or words like ‘wildcrafted’ or ‘organic’.

6. Add an aromatic touch to your workspace

citrus essential oil
Add the mystic ‘zen’ touch to your workspace by tapping a few droplets of your favorite essential oil on a wine glass. The tapered bell of the glass is perfect for mixing oils because it helps funnel the scent to your nose and allows you to swirl the oils over a larger surface area so it better evaporates in the air to scent your space. Try using citrus oils, like lemon, to keep your energy up during the day.

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