5 Tips to Promote Eyebrow Re-Growth

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Did you accidentally over pluck your eyebrows? Or you want them to be bushy like Keira Knightley? But you are stuck with the teeny winne barely there eyebrow line?
Here I am with 5 super effective tips that boost your brow re-growth. Without wasting a minute, let us jump into the article.

5 Tips to Promote Eyebrow Re-Growth

1. Take A Break From Plucking And Waxing

5 Tips to Promote Eyebrow Re-Growth

First comes the basics. Keep your tweezer and hot wax away from your eyebrow if you want them to grow back soon. Have you noticed that regular waxing reduces your hair growth on your arms and legs? Same applies to your eyebrows too. So take a break from any treatment that uproots the eyebrow hair. While doing this if you feel your eyebrows are getting unruly, curb the urge to pluck it by simply concealing it. Make sure to use a chemical free concealer as that may further hamper your brow growth.

2. Stimulate Hair Growth By Exfoliation

5 Tips to Promote Eyebrow Re-Growth

Exfoliating the eyebrow skin helps to stimulate the hair growth. It helps the hair come out of the skin faster. Try a baby brush to exfoliate the area as you do not want to be too harsh on the area as it tends to tugging and pulling of the eye area. And the last thing you want after sparse eyebrows is crow’s feet. Massage the brush in circular movements in the direction of your hair growth. Repeat this twice a day

3. Try Natural Hair Growth Boosters

5 Tips to Promote Eyebrow Re-Growth

Apply olive oil, Castor oil or Vitamin E oil using a Q tip applicator. Apply atleast thrice a day. These oils are known to stimulate growth and nourish them too. And these are also the safest methods without any side effects.

4. Eat Right

5 Tips to Promote Eyebrow Re-Growth

You reap what you sow. So eat nutritious food rich in Protein, Vitamin A, E & K , iron , zinc, potassium, magnesium and essential fatty acids. Avoid eating sugar as it is highly acidic and destroys vitamins and depletes minerals in your body leading to brittle rough hair.

5. Get Your Hand On A Serum

5 Tips to Promote Eyebrow Re-Growth

At times you really need that extra help. There are many brow growth boosting serums available in the markets. Choose according to your needs, like thicker hair or bushier brows. The ingredient to look for while choosing a serum is “peptides”. They encourage hair growth at the follicle level and also by increasing the hair re-growth cycle.

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6 thoughts on “5 Tips to Promote Eyebrow Re-Growth

  1. I am also try to grow better eyebrows and taking a break from threading and tweezing. Also, I think I have never exfoliate my brow area before. :/

  2. Exfoliating brow area is new for me but i must say this is what i needed since a very long time. Thanks Akshata:-):-)

  3. haha mine are in bad shape, I do them myself and fill them up with powder and wax all the time
    thanks for the post 🙂

  4. Lovely tips! I would like to add another point; brush your eyebrows 2-3 times a day, in the natural direction of the hair growth. If you don’t have a spool, you can clean an old mascara wand and keep it for brushing. This helps regrowth in a natural direction and shape.

  5. I do use oil on my eyebrows as Ioil my head. my eyebrows grows longer hair. I comb them in a upward direction and cut the long wdges with seasorres. and
    come back .to its natural curve by eyebrow brush.Also di exfolliating as Ido with my face . They r in good shape. I am 72 .years.

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