6 Awesome Makeup Hacks for the Party Season

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I recently wrote an article on the 7 Beauty Products You Need This Festive Season 7 beauty and skincare essentials that you need for the upcoming winter party season. This post is about 6 makeup hacks that you will find useful when getting ready for a party. December, as we know it, is a super festive season and we’re likely to be a part of many celebrations and parties later this month. For me, there’s nothing quite as enjoyable as experimenting with makeup in the winter season. I love wearing bold lip colours, metallic eyeshadows, winged liner, and other such makeup.


Keeping all that I mind, I’m going to share some makeup hacks for the party season that I think you might find useful.

1. Set your makeup in place using a tissue:

If you’re wearing makeup for a party, using a primer and setting it with either a setting spray or a finishing powder will make it last longer. But if powder just isn’t your thing, there’s an easy way to make your makeup last longer and to get rid of excess oil. Once you’ve worn your foundation and all your base makeup, take one ply of a tissue and gently blot your face with it. This will take away all the excess oil but will leave the pigment intact. It will lend your skin a beautiful demi-matte finish and will set your makeup in place.

2. Use your eyeshadows wet for greater impact:

Regular eyeshadow not creating a dramatic enough look for a party? No problem! Just spray a little bit of rose water or makeup setting spray on your eyeshadow brush, dip the brush in your eyeshadow, and apply over the eyelid. This will dramatically increase the intensity of the eyeshadow colour and will also prevent it from creasing.

3. Mattify your favourite lipstick:

Matte lipsticks are in vogue this season and they’re undoubtedly the best choice for a party. If you have a gloss or a creamy lipstick in your favourite colour, then all you need to do is mattify it to give it a beautiful finish and to make it last longer. Once you apply the gloss or creamy lipstick, take one ply of a tissue and gentle blot it. While holding the tissue in place, apply some loose translucent powder over it. Next, reapply the same lipstick and repeat the process. This will give your lipstick and a bold and long-lasting finish.

4. Prep your lips:

Before wearing a lip liner or a matte lipstick, it is essential for you to prep your lips. The winter season means that your lips will be more prone to drying up and flaking. Make sure to exfoliate your lips with a sugar and oil-based scrub. Use an old toothbrush to scrub further, if necessary. Apply lip balm at least 15-20 minutes before you need to apply your lip colour.


5. Volumize your lashes:

Who doesn’t love thick and full lashes for the party season? A simple and easy hack that can make all the difference. Apply one coat of mascara, and then dust some baby powder onto your lashes. Apply the second coat of mascara after. This will instantly thicken your lashes and make them look fuller.


6. Warm up your eyelash curler:

The best and most foolproof way to get super curled lashes is by just holding your eyelash curler in front of a hair dryer for a couple of seconds. The metal part of the eyelash curler tends to get quite cold in the winter season because of which it doesn’t work very efficiently to curl the lashes. This simple trick makes all the difference!

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