7 Amazing Eyeshadow-Tips for Beginners

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If you are a newbie in eye makeup and struggling with the application techniques and the basics of creating a 3D effect on your eyelids, you are going bookmark this post for sure. Please keep on reading to get a hold of some amazing eyeshadow tips for beginners.

eye shadow tips for beginners

1. Moisturize your eyes:

Yes, you read it right. Some of us tend to leave eyes un-moisturized thinking why do we even need it when we are going to put makeup. You do need it so that your eye makeup stays longer. Eye shadows tend to crease on oily lids but with a nice hydrating moisturizer, your eyelids will produce much less sebum than they usually do. So, get your eye-cream game on when you are keen to play with those beautiful eye-shadows.

2. Prime your lids:

eye shadow primer
Like your face, your eyes also need a primer, to be very specific, your eyelids. Primer does a lot of great things for you like creating a smooth canvas, hiding those veins, cancelling pigmentation and increasing the longevity of the eyeshadow. Use the tiniest amount and spread it all across your lid using your ring finger. In case, you don’t have a primer you can use any non-creasing concealer of your choice as an alternative.

3. Powder after you apply primer:

For that butter smooth transition of eye-shadow colors, you need to powder after you apply primer. First of all, it will set your primer in place and lock it for long. Secondly, the eyeshadow pigment will become friendlier to your brush strokes. So, don’t forget this step if you are using more than one eyeshadow on your eyelid.

4. Little is more:

eye shadow application
Always take a little amount of eyeshadow pigment and tap it before you start applying it on your eyes. It’s easy to build up color for beginners than applying a lot and then trying to blend it. Yes, blending is the key to every great eye makeup look.

5. Use a transition shade:

To deepen the crease of your eyelids or even create a fake one, use a transition shade. It can be a cool or warm toned brown according to your skin’s undertones. You can use an eye-shadow or your powder contour product for this purpose. Take it on a fluffy brush and swipe it across your crease to get a beautiful depth.

6. Highlight under brows:

To get younger looking eyes, don’t forget to pop some gorgeous highlighter from your eye-shadow palette just under your brows. It will make your face lifted and eyes youthful. Also apply highlighter-shadow on the inner corners of the eyes if you are trying to achieve a party look.

7. Keep an inspiration in front of you:

rati eye makeup
If you are a beginner, you better keep a picture of the eye makeup look in front of you. You will feel so much eased out because you won’t have to worry about which eyeshadows to choose and mix match to create a particular look. There are so many makeup breakdowns on IMBB and so many super easy eye make-up looks with neutral, pastel, glittery and all other kinds of eyeshadows by Rati. Do bookmark them to have them as your saviors when you play the eyeshadow game.

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