Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic 7 Step Skin Glow Facial Review

Hello beauties,
I really don’t go for facials to the salon because I am very lazy to do so. Rather I just stock up on some really nice facial kits, so I can do it at my convenience or when I am superstressed. This looked something different to me because I have never really seen a 7-step facial; the more the steps, the better skin results was I expecting 😛 So let’s see how this entire kit worked for me.

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic 7 Step Skin Glow Facial


Price: Rs 725 for 6 kits.


Product Description:
The 7 step facial provides a quick, effective way to lighten complexion, under eye dark circles and even out the skin tone of the face and neck area. The natural ingredients gently remove the dead skin layers and restore clear, bright skin to your/your client’s face.

blossom kochhar aroma magic 7 step skin glow facial review2

My Experience with Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic 7 Step Skin Glow Facial:

The facial kit comes in a nice glossy hot pink box with 6 little boxes inside it. Each box has the 7-step facial contents. I love how they did not give just 1 big pack and instead gave 6 little packs.

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic 7 Step Skin Glow Facial

There is no storage issue with this as I use one pack at a time and then throw it away. I will tell you guys in detail about each of the contents.

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic 7 Step Skin Glow Facial

Step 1:
Face cleanser: The face cleanser comes in a sheer gel form which is runny, hence needs to be taken little by little. It has a lovely pleasing rose and aloe vera smell which relaxed my senses absolutely. Mom massaged me with it for 5-7 minutes and it felt really good when combined with chilled ice water. The massage was soothing and the gel thoroughly cleansed my face. It took away all the impurities making my face look clean and bright making it ready for further facial steps.

blossom kochhar aroma magic 7 step skin glow facial review-step 1

Steps 2 and 3:
Protein bleach and AHA gel: The bleach comes in a powder form which has to be mixed with the Step 3 gel. The gel is super runny, hence has to be handled with a lot of care since it may spill here and there. I mixed the 2 contents and applied it on my face and kept it for 15 minutes. It looks like some milk powder protein and smells the same way too. It smells like some milk mithaai 😛 It does not cause any major irritation on my face. But then I came to know when I read the pamphlet that this isn’t going to bleach my hair but only bleach the skin. My skin definitely did look lighter but not a lot. I mean I could see my original skintone after the tan and darkness was taken away by this.

blossom kochhar aroma magic 7 step skin glow facial review-steps 2 n 3

Step 4:
Skin serum: This is the part I hate the most. They have given the serum in a little glass vial whose neck has to be broken by us to access it. Now what was the point in giving a glass vial? They could have given something else. God! They tried to show it is a professional facial kit but it’s my skin, and I can’t play with glass. Mom broke it and a piece of glass fell inside which she did not notice. While applying the serum on skin, it pricked me and my skin bled a little which shouldn’t have happened. I did not really understand what the serum did, because it gave a tingling sensation. But my skin did feel smoother after using this serum.

blossom kochhar aroma magic 7 step skin glow facial review-step 4

Step 5:
Oxygenating gel:
Again a similar gel; they ask to give a Galvanic massage with this. Now when you are selling it for at-home use, how would I have that? So mom just massaged me with this. It felt soothing and relaxing but almost similar to Step 1. This had a pleasant smell too which I enjoyed and I could feel that blood circulation happening due to its massage. I got a nice glow on my face and my skin looked pink, glowing and cold.

blossom kochhar aroma magic 7 step skin glow facial review-step 5

Step 6:
Face pack:
The face pack looked gritty in white but it got layered on my face in a very smooth manner. Again I had to keep this for 15 minutes. It had the similar scent like the other contents in the pack. It was easy to rinse and my face looked almost the same with a little added brightness.

Step 6 facial

Step 7:
The sunscreen is thick but very smooth and hence I massage it for a minute in my skin. It gives an overall finish to the look. It is very moisturising and smells great like a sandalwood paste. It is a little on the heavier side so might not suit oily skin.

I found good results with this but I missed the massaging part in a relaxing facial because most of the contents were supposed to be applied and kept. Also, there was no scrub and I like good exfoliation of my skin when it comes to facials. It is a very professional one and I got bored with it in 3 uses. I did not see any major difference in my dark circles or skin issues. It makes my skin look glowing for the initial 2 days but then it comes back to its original tone. It also broke me out a little. Hence, I would say that I have used better kits than this one, so call it a skip!

Pros of Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic 7 Step Skin Glow Facial:

• A big professional facial kit at a very affordable cost.
• 6 different packs available inside a box which can be used for 6-10 times depending upon the contents you use.
• Looks very pretty in metallic pink, nicely organised and there are no worries of storage since I finish one pack at once.
• Gives me a very relaxing feel when I am using this with ice.
• Makes my skin glow to an extent and it looks brighter than usual.
• My face looks clean and clear temporarily.
• It smoothens out my skin texture very nicely.

Cons of Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic 7 Step Skin Glow Facial:

• The contents don’t smell that pleasant and natural; they have a very chemical type smell which makes me feel that I am taking some treatment and not a facial.
• There is no scrub and I desire exfoliation when it comes to facials.
• All they wanted me to do is keep the contents on my face; dude, where is the massage?
• It does not clean the blackheads and whiteheads on its own; I take steam which they do not mention in any step.
• Some contents are provided in excess which can be used twice and some are so less that they get over at once.
• The serum which is the Step 4 comes in a glass vial which you need to break to use; the glass pricked my skin and gave a little blood rash on my face

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic 7 Step Skin Glow Facial?
No I wouldn’t! Because this is a pretty big one which will go on long and also this is nothing extra-ordinary; I have used better ones. I would recommend this one to those looking for a professional facial but at home.

I like those small packs rather than this because doing the same for 3-4 months is supermonotonous and I want some difference, so I wouldn’t purchase such a big one next time.

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7 thoughts on “Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic 7 Step Skin Glow Facial Review

  1. I was so tempted to try this after seeing the packaging! But doesn’t seem much fruitful.
    And the glass vial incident has got me scared now 🙁

  2. Sad tht it did not work for u. Infact this is the only facial kit which does not irritate my skin. I add a scrub and steam to it though.
    Next time u open a glass vial, just cover the vial with a cloth, give it a good hard tap or two on its neck with back of a knife, and try to break the neck with a jhatka ‘takk’ (while the cloth is still on).
    I have seen nurses doing this ?

    1. Hehehehe I did the same Jyotiiiii… added the steam part to this since my pores were all clogged and this wasn’t helping me with it.. ohhhh thanks a lot for the tip.. i will try it for the remaining box.. 🙂

    1. Your most welcomeeee Benish.. the others kits from them and vlcc are very similar to this.. so you can try the others too ! this actually lacks the scrub and massage part which is really mandatory for a facial 🙂

  3. go for the VLCC ones the next time. the 6 applications kit. it is also a 4 step process with a serum. I used the instaglow facial kit and I loved it. I have used 3 out of the 6 already so 3 weeks basically because 1 per week can be used. Very travel friendly. On an official trip recently i took one set and it worked really well before a huge presentation I had the next day.

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