7 Reasons Why Your Foundation Is Not Flawless!

By Anshu Bhatia

Hi my lovely ladies!
Have you ever tried to smother your foundation bottle as if it were a real person? Why? Because the bad boy made your face look so cakey that you hated it to bits. I used to do that a lot and even cry looking at my face (just before a party or a date). Uneven patchy application and rough appearance of foundation is such a pain that every time it happens, my relationship with makeup becomes a ‘love-hate’ one. In this article, I would like to share some reasons why your foundation is not befriending your face.

7 Reasons Why Your Foundation is Not Flawless

1. You don’t have a skincare routine

skincare routine
Ladies trust me, even the most expensive foundation will end up looking blotchy on your face, if your skin isn’t being taken care off well. By that I mean having an irregular or no skin care routine. We read a lot about CTM which is an abbreviation for Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. This is a basic routine which is applicable to every age and skin type. I would like to stress on an addition here which is exfoliation. It creates a huge difference to your foundation as with gentle exfoliation you remove all the dead cells. It leaves skin smooth and soft which is like a perfect canvas for foundation application.

2. You use wrong skincare products

Now that you know the importance of skin care for a flawless foundation application, you must buy right kind of products for your skin type. Almost every product available in the market states its specification and its suitability for a particular skin type, for example, a light weight hydrating moisturizer for oily skin or a pH balancing toner for acne prone skin. Choose your products wisely and always read their reviews here on IMBB before making the final purchase. We all love IMBB for being our perfect shopping guide, don’t we?

3. You are hurrying up

After the application of moisturizer, you must wait for 3-5 minutes at least. Let your skin soak the moisturizer. Pat it slowly and gently to speed up the penetration. Applying anything on just moisturized skin is a waste of products and a step towards cakey foundation. Everything will just slip off with a little bit of sweating and you will end up having cakey + melting base.

4. You are committing primer sins

use primer
Like many others, I never really thought that primer was a necessity in my vanity. Now I know and I never ever apply my foundation without it. You must have a primer and the right one for your skin type. Primers minimize and even vanish your pores, tackle redness, create a barrier for oils coming from your skin and they definitely make foundation appear smoother. Using two types of primer for combination skin is a new trend these days. Silicon based on the T zone to counter oiliness and moisturizing one on other parts where skin tends to get dry or flaky.

5. You choose wrong type of foundation

Not every foundation works for every skin type. Just because your cousin’s skin looks like dream with a foundation, you can’t expect it to be as miraculous as it was for her. There is a wide range of foundations in market: matte ones, luminous ones, semi mattes, dewy and so on for different skin types and requirements of an individual. Read about them on the official websites and again here on IMBB if reviewed. It has become an OCD ritual for me to be honest.

6. You are applying setting powder on wet foundation

Oh! I kept doing it for so many years and I realized it was a mistake just a few months back. When you foundation is freshly applied, it is almost wet and applying setting powder on wet surface creates unevenness. It gets patchy and cakey right at that moment. Let the foundation become a part of your skin and let it dry a bit; you will notice the difference.

7. You use wrong application techniques

There is a variety of mistakes in this section: no brush, wrong brush, wrong strokes while using brush, wrong makeup sponge, dry or too wet makeup sponge, taking too much foundation in one go etc. Expertise in application comes with time. Don’t worry; you will master the art of flawless foundation application. Be patient and take small amounts of product to begin with. For beginners, investing in a nice buffing brush and a beauty blender would help a lot.

I am not a makeup artist. I have learnt all this from my own mistakes and you would too. Just be a little patient and remember the points above to get a flawless base. We all have an artist inside us; just bring that out when you hold that foundation and brush or sponge in your hands. Good luck beauties. Stay beautiful inside out.

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5 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Your Foundation Is Not Flawless!

  1. Great tips Monika! Everything is very very basic – but I’m sure most people miss out on these very basics. I too have learned these tips by trial and error now. Wish someone had penned them down for me earlier. And yes, the setting powder immediately after foundation application – i used to do that till about last month!

    1. KK this wonderful article is written by Anshu 🙂
      And you are so right…these are the usually forgotten basics!

  2. very well put article anshu 🙂 We do tend to commit these mistakes regularly and even I have been doing that setting powder sin as well 😛 this will definitely help to clear so many concepts!!

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