Common Makeup Application Mistakes that You Could Be Doing

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We all love makeup, don’t we? Some of us have perfected the art of makeup, but some of us haven’t, like me! But, we all recognize good makeup from the bad one. Here I am sharing a few makeup blunders that you must have come across that literally makes us cringe. Happy reading. 🙂

Makeup Mistakes that can ruin your day

Applying Makeup to Dry Skin.
Applying foundation or any other makeup on the face increases the flakiness. It doesn’t blend in and looks like a superficial white cast on the face, which looks really tacky. If you have dry skin always consider creams over powders. Exfoliating and moisturising are two must dos if you have dry skin.

Common makeup application mistakes

Putting bronzer on the entire face.

Bronzer adds a natural and healthy glow to the skin and not is not meant to ruin it. Bronzer should be applied to bridges of your nose, the cheekbones and the chin; not the entire face. And you should never forget to apply it on the neck too!

Applying dark lip liner and light lip shade.

It is a nightmare for the eyes if you see one. I have seen few of the ladies with this same look. To avoid this always use the same shade liner as lipstick. The lip liner should be applied on the entire lips and not only on the edges of your lips.

Wearing the Same Foundation Year Round.

Our skin needs different foundation colors in different seasons. Foundations are not meant to make us one or two shades lighter rather it’s meant to compliment it. Our skin tends to get drier during winters and oilier during summers. So, we should go for creamy, moisturising foundation for the winter months and an oil-control or powder foundation in the summer.


Applying Matte Lipstick on Dry lips.

Matte lipstick on dry lips is a big no-no. It’s going to take away all the glow of your face and all the wrong attention shifts to the lips only. So exfoliate your lips every day to remove dead skin and always follow up with a lip balm for hydration. Our lips need to be properly hydrated and nourished before applying matte lipsticks.

Going Crazy on the Blush.

A blush imparts a healthy glow if applied in the right way. Too much blush looks tacky and completely unnatural. The right way to apply is dip the brush on the blush and dust the excess amount on the back of your hand before applying on the cheeks. Apply blush on the apple of your cheeks and some towards the hairline, making sure the blush is properly blended and no harsh lines appear on the face.

Testing makeup on your hands.

Do we wear makeup on our hands? I think not! Then why do we have the tendency to check every foundation or every lipstick on our hand only? Always test the makeup where it is supposed to be applied. Check the foundation by applying it on your jaw line and your lipsticks and eye shadows on lips and eyes respectively because the skin of our hands is way more different than our face.


Using waterproof mascara frequently.

Waterproof mascara’s staying power is really better than the normal ones. It is also less prone to smudging, but it also dries out the lashes. Some women do not use the proper eye makeup removers and waterproof one is a little bit difficult to remove. In order to remove it, we sometimes tend to rub our eyes, which could lead to sagging of the skin around the eye area in the long run.

Preserving your cosmetics for years.

Everything has an expiration date, even love 😛 . If we are applying something on our skin, it should be well within date no matter how costly that makeup item was. It cannot be as precious as your skin. Using expired things leads to so many bad things. You don’t want any harm to your skin do you? So, you should always discard the old makeup products as soon as they cross their expiry date, even if they are unused.

Forgetting the eyebrows.

Well groomed and trimmed eyebrows give a very neat and tidy look to the face. Nice arched eyebrows frame the face in a good way. We sometimes tend to forget our eyebrows when applying makeup. Always fill in your brows with eye shadow or eyeliner that closely matches your brow color. Ensuring a natural subtle look and not an unnatural dark one.


Mismatching your face to your neck.

It makes most  women cringe when they see a clear difference of color between face and the neck. This is the most common mistake. Some of us do our face well, spend so much time and energy on our face, but forget the neck area. Always blend your makeup well, no matter where you are applying it. And there must never be a visible line between where your makeup ends and your neck begins.

Curling Your Lashes Last.

Always curl your lashes before you apply mascara, otherwise you may break your lashes. When your eyelashes are coated with mascara, they will stick to the curler. Being wet from mascara, they are more brittle and vulnerable. The right way is to curl the eyelashes first and then apply mascara, so they won’t look lumpy.

Not moisturising your body.

Not every makeup product is chemical free and organic, in fact most of them aren’t! If our skin is moisturised properly, it will have a better tolerance to the potentially irritating ingredients in our makeup. No matter what your age is moisturising is a must, even if you are applying makeup or not. If you don’t want to use a moisturiser use olive oil instead!


Using Too Much Makeup.

Make up looks best when you use it to accentuate your best feature and not when you apply tons of product on your sweet little and innocent face 😛 . Not only that it looks bad, it also makes you look years older than your age. So, always use makeup that enhances your best feature and gives you a natural look and not the cakey one.

Skipping primer.

Using primer underneath your makeup makes everything last longer and you won’t have to keep reapplying the makeup throughout the day. Primer prepares the skin and works as a smooth makeup base for your foundation or eye makeup. So, skipping primer is not a good idea.

Not cleaning your makeup brushes.

What happens when we don’t clean our brushes properly? The already build up of makeup on them tends to clog your pores when we use those brushes. So, its always advisable to clean makeup brushes from time to time. Johnson’s baby shampoo works best for me!


Using Makeup that’s Not Age-Appropriate.

Makeup and dress according to age. In today’s ever changing fashion scenario, there are so many tempting deals. But, that certainly does not mean that every new fashion or makeup trend would suit women of every age group. For example, putting very heavy makeup on a teenage girl would make her look years older than her age.

Not Following a Good Skincare Regimen.

You can’t hide an unhealthy skin with all the makeup in the world. Your face shines when you follow a good skin care regime and eat a healthy diet. Here are a few little dos for healthy skin:

  • Drinking water helps you stay hydrated and gives your skin a healthy glow.
  • Getting 8 hours of sleep. Beauty sleep is always a good idea.
  • Follow the CTM routine religiously.
  • Always remove your makeup before sleeping.

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