7 Things to Do if Your Parents Disapprove of Your Boyfriend

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How many of you are going through this phase where you are afraid to tell your parents about your boyfriend because you kind of already know that they would disapprove! Or have you told them already and are now bearing the brunt of disapproval? My parents are completely against the concept of love marriages, so when they will get to know about my neighbour/boyfriend of 4 years, they will kill me! Here are few tips to find a place of solace for all of those involved!

7 Things to Do if Your Parents Disapprove of Your Boyfriend

1. Don’t be pushy
Just because you have decided to spend your life with certain someone does not mean that your parents will also like that someone right away. Don’t force your decision on them.

2. Give them some time
They won’t say yes to your relationship in 1 or 2 days. It might take weeks or probably months. Give them plenty of time to adjust and admit to the fact that their little girl has found someone on her own.

mother and daughter talking

3. Have a hearty conversation
Open your heart to your parents. No matter how hurt or angry they are, they will listen to you. Talk to them about the guy in your life and tell them everything. Sometimes when all else fails, a good and open conversation can really be of great help.

4. Don’t take a side
It is not a game. There are so many lives involved in the process. Don’t feel that your family is wrong and your partner is everything. Maintain a balance and never belittle your partner or your parents.

5. Answer all their doubts patiently
Your parents might be having a thousand questions about the guy in your life. Their timing might be off in asking those questions but never lose your patience. Affirm your love for them and your general respect for their opinions by answering and solving all their queries about the guy.

guy meeting parents

6. Set up a meeting
Involve your guy more in the process. Set up a meeting of your guy and your family. Let them figure out some things on their own about your partner. Prepare your guy well in advance about what he is in for! And if the first meeting doesn’t go as expected, then don’t lose hope; set up another meeting when you think the time is right.

7. Decide what you want!
Introspect yourself if you feel that nothing is working and your parents will never agree to your relationship. Analyse whether your relationship is worth all the pain and drama. If your answer is yes, then do what you have to do! The last option would be to choose (I hope that time never comes).

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9 thoughts on “7 Things to Do if Your Parents Disapprove of Your Boyfriend

  1. This post reminds me of that tough time ( a longggg 5 years..of my life). I felt the whole world turned upside down, in a day! I prayed that all the drama happening around is just a dream and ends fast. Sadly, that didnt happen easily. Parents and sis did not even talk to me properly for all these years. I felt I have lost them completely from my life.

    Now, everything is sorted out and they all agreed for our wedding 🙂

    All the best for the new strugglers 😉 Do pray very well and stay firm in your decision.

    1. I am glad things finally worked out for you and I really hope that things take good turn for everyone who is in the same kind of mess 🙂

  2. Pretty apt timing of this post, have sisters and frnds arnd who are facing same issue everyday 🙂 this post will surely guide them where to start 🙂
    More than that i truly appreciate the way points are mentioned giving fair chance to parents as I often see hear kids (pls read ppl who have nothing gud to say abt their mom dad even :P) whinning abt parents declaring fir retailiation/protest what not! You might be right with your Mr right but parents are not enemies, they raised you and they anyways want you to get the best in everything, thats why they raise several worries queries and often seem disappointed wen this boy friend scene comes in life. Obviously there are exceptions whr parents just seem irrational/cruel to their kids by honor killing and other non-sense but leaving those sick minds, every parent wants their kid to be in gud condition till their life and even after they leave you in another world so before giving up with their genuine worries and making them enemies its very imp that you keep your foot in their shoes as well <3 I have been thru phase when I used to feel infatuation and then finally been settled with a kid hence I firmly believe no matter what you will never get a true well wisher who will love you unconditionally just like your mom & dad. Even siblings keep in touch with some conditions, and frndship is also developed with sum conditions but your mom dad love you no matter you know nothing abt cooking, you dnt earn a penny or you are imperfect with number of things!
    Sorry for long rant but I really felt very gud abt this post which is not at all biased towards young generation or old generation. thumbs up!!

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