8 Best Beauty Advice From Dermatologists

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I am sure most of us would agree that one doctor that we love to trust is our dermatologist. In today’s beauty conscious and fashion dominant world, we have become more aware of beauty rituals than ever before. I keep scouting hundreds of websites every day to read various stuff (not just beauty) and keep forwarding, publishing whatever relevant and useful information I find online.

8 Best Beauty Advice From Dermatologists

In a similar attempt, I thought of writing a post on the best beauty advice straight from the horse’s mouth and here are the best advices we can get from the skin doctors. Please read on:

1. Get obsessed with Sunscreen:


Yeah, this is the foremost and probably the best advice we can get for our skin. Dr. Nowell Solish, MD, Toronto says that if you are using a sunscreen of mild SPF, apply a thick layer of it. But since most of us shy away from layering ourselves with SPF, he recommends a minimum SPF of 30. Also, always look out for UVA and UVB protection as these are usually not provided by SPF alone. Also, I read online that we should apply a spoonful of sunscreen on face to protect it from being damaged.

Tip: While travelling in a plane or a car, avoid window seat as it is more prone to sun exposure due to the glass on the window.

2. Dry the dry out:

lacto calamine

Moisturize and moisturize. Famous cosmetic physician of Mumbai, Dr. Rashmi Shetty says dehydration leads to dry, rough and hypersensitive, inflamed skin that looks aged and weared.  She suggests that we should pay special attention to delicate areas like eyes, lips, neck and décolleté and pamper them with a thicker and creamier moisturizer. She also points out using ingredients like AHAs, lineolic acid, pheromines, peptides and hyaluronic acid as they help in maintaining the right hydration levels.

Tip: Once a week, lavish your skin with a honey and banana face pack.

3. Avoid Soaps:


Instead use a mild cleanser, says Dr. Cynthia Bailey, Dermatologist, California. She warns “if your skin feels tight and dry after bathing, then your cleanser is too tight for you.”  She points out that cleansers should be washed completely off the face using warm water. Avoid hot water as it strips off natural oils from skin more than the cooler water which is why we use hot water to clean dishes.

Tip: You must apply moisturizer within 3 minutes after toweling off.

4. Banish the acne:

Acne cream

It is probably the most common skin problem yet so difficult to deal with. Dr. Aparna Santhanam suggests going the natural way to treat acne. Her favourite acne treatment is sandalwood paste which has astringent, cooling and healing properties. Just apply the paste directly on the zits and see them disappearing.

Tip: Use oil-free products and use mild products if you have sensitive skin.

5. Less is more:


When applying makeup, always follow this tip. A NYC dermatologist says the best beauty advice she ever received is less is more and this is also the advice she passes on to all her clients. She says we should follow “less-is-more” approach not only in makeup but also in skin care too. When we use a lot of different products, the combination of irritants and fragrances can do more harm than good.

Tip: If you think a cream or a product has worked well for you, stick to it. Do not keep going after finding that elusive ultimate, best product. But change your products according to the climate you live in.

6. Zen your skin:

If you ask me, I would say this is the best advice I have read in a long time. I remember how my skin used to glow when I was this simple, carefree kind of a girl but thankfully I am again getting back to my early self. Annie Chiu, MD, a derm in L.A., says keeping your skin stress free is the best way to make it look great. Taking a 10 minute time-out to apply face mask and relax on her bed works for her.

Tip: Bury the berry. The doc says she turns off her mobile after 8 pm at night. Every bit helps, she says and we can’t disagree.

7. Keep it cool:


Frozen veggies, cool ice packs, chilled water bags or chilled tea bags soothe itchy, irritated eyes, says Dr. Jeanie Downie, MD, NJ. She says as soon as she gets home, she keeps a bag of frozen peas on her eyelids for about 5 minutes. The cold helps in reducing swelling and pigmentation.

Tip: If not ice, treat your eyes with natural cucumber or aloe vera gel. Do this at least thrice a week.

8. Rub it off:

Face Scrub

Exfoliation is the key. Apart from eating healthy and keeping healthy, this is one advice that is common across all dermatologists. Katie Rodan, MD, says exfoliation makes skin radiant. She advises “physically sloughing off dead skin cells loosened by Vitamin A will help your moisturizer better penetrate the skin and your make up go on much more smoothly.”

Tip: Use a mild exfoliator for daily use. A scrub with beads is the best for daily exfoliation as it sloughs away the dead skin but does not cause irritation to skin.

I hope you all find this article quite useful. I won’t say this is something that you are reading for the first time, but many a times we have to be reminded of some basic things. This article intended to do just that.

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53 thoughts on “8 Best Beauty Advice From Dermatologists

  1. loved the tips. havent done the cooling of the eyes for a long time. am not very good at being stress free either..i thrive on stress I think so most of the time I am kinda hyper..:) but thanks for these tips..this is all seriously good advice..

  2. Nice article. I am all done with my sis wedding which was on monday the 28th. Now i am totally tired with all party’s and stuff. Skipped my regular skin regime. Now this is an eye opener

  3. “apply a spoonful of sunscreen on face to protect it from being damaged”.. even if i apply a pea size amount, my face becomes oily soon and also breaking me out.. for that i am avoiding sunscreen itself and ending up with a tanned skin 🙁 🙁
    A Very good article Surabhi 🙂 🙂

    1. Shami – I used to have the same problem but i recd a wonderful reco from IMBB for la Roche Posay and that has really worked for my skin. it is about 1300 bucks but it has been well worth it. I have used it the entire summer now and it hasnt broken me out. But do apply it with a brush.

    2. hey Shami,
      try suncross aqua gel. most of the dermats suggest this sunscreen for oily skin.it works. will give you a good uv protection and a matt finish and is only for 300 bucks approx. its of ranbaxy so you’ll get it in any medical shop

  4. i too want to do that eye cooling thing…8)…i gt glasses back sometime ago only…now my eyes feel soopr tiring end of the day :(…..

    1. haan Rajni.. cooling is very necessary.. if you feel lazy to apply ice packs.. I would suggest buy a good night eye cream and keep it besides your bed..

      1. hay Surabhi
        now a days we get those cool gel packs in any medical shop. for eye cooling and that too in a shape which fits the eye shape. its a blue colour gel pack.

  5. Excellent….

    I would like to add my few cents
    1) Drink adequate water all day
    2) Eat a nutritious diet full, low on oily foods and high on fiber like salads and vegetables
    3) Stay happy….what you feel, reflects on your face

  6. Nice article surabhi..
    i’ve always skipped exfoliating body,though i regularly exfoliate my face..would strt implementing..

  7. great article Surbhi..Have oily skin so protect my skin with good scarves or some cloth .. some how any sunscreen don’t suit me..breaks me out maybe its the sweat or heat which inflames the skin 🙂

    agree with Zen factor too 🙂

  8. Thanks Surabhi for the article. I knew this stuff but never followed religiously :P. never knew that a spoonful of sunscreen is required to protect the face!

  9. Thanks for the article! These tips actually work. Zen your skin is the best one although not that convenient.
    Also sunscreen should be dabbed lightly and never rubbed in like moisturisers.

  10. excellent write up surabhi 🙂

    i am surprised to know that i follow quite a lot of them , except the cooling gel tip 🙂

    thanxxxxxx a lot for the review 🙂

    1. Oh yeah Vini… infact my baby doc has advised me to use lacto calamine lotion for my daughter everyday! But it depends.. in summers its okay to use though dry skin pple will feel it doesnt moisturize enough..

  11. Really nice article Surabhi… sandalwood paste tip I used to follow and it really used to work.Eventually I forgot about it..Thanks for reminding..now I can get rid off salicylic acid again 🙂

  12. Very well written post Surabhi! I liked the lines ‘Dry the dry out’ and ‘Burry the Berry’ 🙂
    Long long ago, I used to use fresh sandalwood paste… it works wonderfully…
    For eyes, I use cotton pads dipped in rose water …
    As u said, this post is a gentle reminder of things we usually tend to ignore with our hectic lifestyle
    Thanks for writing this post!

    1. Hey Paddy..

      Thank you dear.. and yeah.. dry the dry out.. and others are my creativity..!! 😀 he he he.. I am glad you appreciated them..

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