8 Edgy “Cat-Eye” Inspirations from Hollywood

The cat-eye makeup look is bold, glam and an extension of the traditional wing. Cat-eye style can make your eye shape more flattering. It instantly sharpens and defines your eyes (like a wild cat, hihi!). Let’s take a look at the celebrities sporting this “Cat Eye” look like a boss. So, be ready to get inspired and try this sultry eye makeup technique.
cat eye makeup

1. Rihanna

Rihanna’s eye color is already cat-like. With that fierce red cat-eye wing she looks so edgy and gorgeous at the same time. I like how she paired her colorful cat eye look with that n*de lip. An honorable mention for that contour being on fleek; an inspiration for all chocolate beauties out there.

2. Kristen Stewart:

kristen stewart
That’s a grey-ish black smoked out eye shadow. The winged extension of this eye shadow with the hue of similar colors on bottom lash line is a perfect combo for an inspiring cat eye. A tiny hint of sparkly purple on inner corners is making the whole look so gorgeous for Kristen.

3. Taylor Swift:

taylor swift
Taylor sports the cat eye look more often than not. Though she has small eyes but with this cat-eye look she nails every time. This look makes her eyes look bigger and deep. The blackest black eyeliner is the hero here.

4. Mila Kunis

mila kunis
Mila’s eyes are soooo beautiful. Her features so are “Goddess-like”. With those beautifully groomed and curved lashes, her cat-eye look is looking even more appealing. Look at that double winged eye liner, it’s killer. That wash of brown and bit of warmth in the crease area is making her eyes look more mysterious.

5. Cara Delevingne

Cara’s eyebrows are goals. But, her cat-eye is going to make to your list of eye makeup goals too. Her eyeliner shape says it all. So catty and insanely perfect! The angle at which it is flicked is totally copy-worthy.

6. Marilyn Monroe

This classic beauty has sported the most subtle cat-eye ever in this particular picture. No heavy lashes, nothing fancy but it’s definitely a no-effort but intelligent effort on her eyes. There is this tiny eyeliner going on her upper lash line which is flicked to make this whole look cat-eyed.

7. Jennifer Lawrence:

jennifer lawrence
Despite those massive hoods and a very unconventional shape to begin with, Jennifer’s cat-eye seems so perfect. If you have hoods or mono lids, you must check out her eye makeup more often.

8. Anne Hathway:

anne hathaway
Anne’s cat eye is all about smoked black eye shadow. That cleanliness under the wing is making this whole look very edgy. You can use sticky notes or a tape to achieve this cat eye look.

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  1. Anshu those were some really edgy cat eye looks.I have always struggled to get that sharp winged liner but all of the above looks are an inspiration . Nice post.

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