How To Apply Cat Eye Makeup

How To Apply Cat Eye Makeup

Are you in love with the cat-eyed beauties who steal the show with their dramatic looks? I am sure that given a chance, you would surely love to try your hands in applying your makeup to get a perfect cat eye! Cat eye makeup is indeed one of the most well-loved timeless makeup ideas, which have been a favorite of women for years and the best part is, no matter how intricate it may seem, applying cat eye makeup is not a very difficult task. With a few easy tips and tricks, getting this subtle cat eye looks is going to be a cakewalk for you!

Cat Eye Makeup

How To Apply Cat Eye Makeup – Aspects To Consider:
• Some cat eye make up techniques impart a subtle look while the others are meant to give you a dramatic look. Decide on the intensity of look depending upon your personality and the occasion you want it for.
• The eyeliner application is of primary importance. Make sure that you opt for the right color and type depending upon the cat’s eye your desire.

How To Apply Cat Eye Makeup – Tools Required:

To get the faultless cat eye, you would need the following products and tools:
• A good quality eye primer.
• Waterproof eyeliner (in liquid, pencil or cream form as per your convenience).
• Mascara.
• Liquid eyeliner.


These are absolutely must-haves when it comes to applying cat eye makeup. In addition to these said items, you can also choose to have an eye-shadow in neutral base, a shimmery eye-shadow (if you want a party look) and an eye-brow pencil. You might also need an eye shadow brush and some translucent powder.

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How To Apply Cat Eye Makeup – The Steps:


• Start with the application of eye primer. Work your way from to your brow line from the lash line.
• Now, use the neutral (or dramatic) eye shadow for covering your eyelid.
• With the help of the waterproof eyeliner, proceed to trace both your upper and lower eye lash line.
• Using the liquid eyeliner, you should now trace along your upper eye lash line. Make sure that the line extends beyond your eyes (but take care not to cross the limit of eyebrows). Alternately, you can give an upward flip along the outer edges of your eyes. It is more important to get the right curve rather than the length.
• Now the mascara has to be swiped along your lashes.

Tip: If you want a softer look, damp eye shadow brush can be used for smudging the line. On the contrary, if you wish to get a more dramatic look, you should thicken the line by adding more and more liner. With the help of translucent powder, the eyelid should be dusted.

How To Apply Cat Eye Makeup – The Variations:

• Lavender cat eye makeup- You would require an eye shadow in purple shade. If a glamorous look is what you want, get your eye-shadow in shimmers. End up with loads of mascara.


• Red cat eye makeup- If you an individualist and you foster a rebellious spirit, what can be better than a red cat eye makeup? Use red eyeliner throughout the lash line and use darker shades of red near the corners. Of coyrse, you cannot forget the mascara at the end!


• Blue cat eye makeup- It gives you a very different look and you would require eye shadow in light blue and silvery shades and eyeliner in dark blue shade!


• White cat eye makeup- If you are sportive enough to carry this bold look, nothing can be better than this one! The black liner is restricted only along the outer corners and there is a massive interplay of white and silvery shades of eye shadow. Use a thick layer of mascara on your lashes.


• Gray cat eye makeup- This is the classic cat eye combination. You would need gray eye shadow and lots of black mascara to get this look!


How To Apply Cat Eye Makeup – Additional Tips:


• Practice, practice and practice till you are perfect!
• A gray color lens for your eyes would help you achieve the best effects!

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