5 Tricks to Nail the Perfect Cat-Eye Look

By Palak B

Hello, ladies!
I am back here again with some tips and tricks that will help you all master the famous “Cat Eye” look. As gorgeous as it looks, it can be quite a task to get the perfect cat eyeliner that uplifts and elongates the eyes. Cat eye look works best for pretty much all eye shapes and the sooner you master it, the prettier you will look! It adds a dimension and edge to the same old “black-liner-above-the-eyelids”. Let’s get started!!
5 Tricks to Nailing the Perfect Cat-Eye Look

1. The Triangle Trick

eyeliner trick
Now, this is for everyone who is a novice and also gets intimidated by the “wing” .What you want to do is draw the eyeliner like you normally would and once you reach towards the outer corner of the eye, you want to keep going pretty much and the angle of the wing will be decided by the lower lash line, the idea is to extend the lower lash line slightly upwards.

You can stretch your eyes upwards while doing so, that will work as a guide too. Now, from the end of that extended line you just drew, join it again with the top lash liner drawing a triangle shape. USE SMALL STROKES WHILE DOING THIS. It is extremely important to take baby steps instead of just free handing it. Now, once you have that empty triangle at the end of your eye, carefully fill it in and you will have a wing! How long or how thick you want the wing to be that is entirely your choice.

2. The STICKY Trick

felt tip eyeliner
This one is for the cheaters! Haha! If the above trick isn’t helping much with setting the angle and length, go for this one. You want a post-it sticky note or just the good ol’ scotch tape. If it’s the scotch tape you are going for, make sure you stick and peel it once or twice on the back of your hand; else you will have eyelashes taped to it and you won’t want that look now, do you?

So now, stick your sticky friend towards the outer corner of the eye at an angle that you want the wing to be. There is your guide! Pick up the eyeliner and start following it. So a small triangle thing again at the end and fill it in. There you have it! Remember to go with small strokes at first.

3. Felt Tip Eyeliner

When I started using eyeliners, I could never get an even looking line ever! My hand wasn’t steady or the eyeliner brush was too floppy. So I went and got myself one of those EYELINER PENS with a felt tip liner. There are so many out there these days, pretty much every brand has a pen eyeliner. I found it quite helpful in my “practice days” and it helped me achieve the cat eye look quite easily. What I noticed was that the tip of the pen helps you with angle setting quite a lot! Also, with the pen, you can do short strokes as it gives you much better control than the regular liquid liners.

4. Angled Brush Tip

perfect cat eye eyeliner
If you are someone who likes the feel and finish of gel liner better than liquid, then this one is for you. Instead of the regular eyeliner brush, go for one of those angled eyeliner brush that will do half of the job for you! Dip it in your eyeliner, gel or liquid whatever works for you and start with small strokes thickening it as you reach the end and by now you know the drill already! Set the angled extended liner, draw the triangle by joining it with the upper lash line liner and fill it in!

5. Concealer Trick

Now when you are done with the whole wing, time to sharpen it and make it look crisp! Take a small concealer brush and dip it in and clean out around the edges of the wing ever so slightly. That is only if you need to. It’s better than wiping it off your eye makeup or spoiling it. Also, such finishing touches really make the wing stand out and look classic.

Things to Do:

• Start from the middle of the eyelid, it gives you more control on the thickness too
• Use small strokes at first
• Slowly build the thickness of the liner
• Be careful while doing the wing and keep a steady hand

What NOT to Do:

• Don’t dip in the pot again or pick up more product while doing the wing. keep working with less itself to avoid dark black messy lines.

I hope these tips and tricks are as useful for you as they were for me when I started off. Go on and get your own set of wings now!!

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