8 Reasons why Dirty and Messy Hair is a Better Option than Washing it Every Day

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How have you all been doing? With summer around the corner, one of our biggest concerns is the health of our hair. With all the sweat and dirt, should we be washing it every single day? Well, the answer undoubtedly will be a no. Did you know that Kim Kardashian goes for five days without washing her hair? Therefore here are top 8 reasons why it’s better to keep your hair messy and dirty instead of washing it every day.


It helps to infuse the scalp’s natural oils

Frequent washing strips the natural oils of your hair and scalp. Your scalp’s natural oils are extremely important when it comes to shiny and healthy hair. It takes at least two to three days for the oils in your hair to get distributed naturally throughout the length of the hair. These oils provide nourishment and are essential for hair growth. Therefore going without the shampoo will help you infuse all these oils.

It keeps your colour intact for a longer period

This one goes out to all you beauties who have colored their hair. As you may know that most colours start fading after a period of time. Therefore celebrity stylists suggest that if you want to keep your colour intact, then skipping frequent hair washes can actually help your cause in the long run.

Frequent washing makes your hair dull and dry

No matter how many times you change your shampoos or jump from chemical to herbal to organic, frequent washing dries your hair out. Imagine washing your hands with soap all the time. The more you wash your hair, the more you prevent your hair’s natural oils from being distributed evenly and you end up with dry, lacklustre tresses.

It is easier to style second and third day hair

Fancy braids and buns to sexy beach waves; did you know that just-washed, dry and brittle hair can actually cause a hindrance when you wish to create a perfect style? Washing with sulphate-loaded shampoos actually makes your hair difficult to manage. Therefore, it is best to embrace hairstyles with second or third day hair.

It prevents split ends from creating havoc

Going for two to three days without washing can be a big boon in disguise, especially if split ends are your concern. Split ends create a havoc in your hair by giving it a fried and lacklustre look. Split ends are caused by repeated friction in dry and brittle hair. Therefore go the dirty and messy way to minimise the number of split ends in your hair.

Prevents product buildup

Excessive use of any product in your hair, including shampoos and conditioners and styling products, will lead to product build up on your scalp. This build-up will clog your pores and prevent healthy hair growth. Therefore say no to excessive shampooing and washing your hair, and yes to product build-up free hair.

Makes your hair less greasy over time

Your body gets used to whatever you subject it to, and the same thing goes for your hair. Do you think your hair gets greasier than before? This is because your hair is getting used to all the oils getting removed due to excessive washing. Hence your scalp, in turn, is producing more oils which are making your hair greasy with time. Therefore the lesser you shampoo your hair, the more conditioned your scalp becomes to producing lesser grease over time.

Your scalp won’t dry up over time

Excessive hair washing without nourishment and moisture to the scalp will make not only your hair but also your scalp dry over time. This will lead to flaking and drying of your scalp which, in turn, will cause dandruff. Therefore, to avoid getting caught up in this vicious cycle of dandruff and dry scalp, avoid washing your hair very frequently and go for the dirty and messy way instead.

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