Dirty Works Glow Girl Buttery Salt Scrub Review

Body Skin Type: Normal

Hello everyone,

I love body scrubs and that too, to an extent that I tend to overdo this process at times. Looking at the super cute packaging and the words “glow” and “butter,” I could not resist picking up the Dirty Works Glow Girl Buttery Salt Scrub. Read on to know how it fared for me.

Dirty Works Glow Girl Buttery Salt Scrub

Product Description:
Polish dry, dull skin with this hardworking exfoliator which combines Sea Salt, Pumice and Peach Stone granules to completely resurface and refine the skin. The addition of shea butter helps to replenish lost moisture and restore skin back to its silky smooth self.

Dirty Works Glow Girl ingredients

£4 (INR 750/- in India) for 300 ml.

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My Experience with Dirty Works Glow Girl Buttery Salt Scrub:

The packaging is the cutest one that I have seen in a while. The pastel candy shades on the tub feel really adorable and give that retro feel. No doubt, tub packaging is not the most hygienic thing, but considering the texture and consistency of the scrub, there is no other option. It is a 300 ml pack, so it is not at all travel friendly, but it is a plastic tub so if you are eager, you can carry it along. Unlike Bath and Body Works sugar -scrubs, this doesn’t have any liquid that can spill.

Dirty Works Glow Girl Buttery Salt Scrub

The buttery salt scrub is perfectly named, taking into account the texture and consistency of the product. To me, it is like a moderately thick lotion with lots of heavy-duty scrubbing granules in it. The best feature, other than the subtle butter-fragrance, is that the granules do not melt on wet/damp skin. You can rub on as long as you want to reap the benefits of scrubbing. I quite like this type of heavy-duty scrubbing which exfoliate the skin without scratching the body.

Dirty Works Glow Girl Salt Scrub

Coming to the effectiveness of the product, it is NOT a gentle every day scrub. I use it once a week to deeply exfoliate my skin and get rid of the last bit of dead skin. Post-shower, my skin doesn’t feel stretchy, but it is not hydrated either. For normal to dry skin types, applying a lotion afterwards is recommended. The fragrance demands a special mention as it is absolutely “yummy.” Due to the super gritty texture, a little goes a long way, hence the pricing and quantity is justified.

Dirty Works Glow Girl Buttery Salt Scrub swatch

Pros of Dirty Works Glow Girl Buttery Salt Scrub:

  • Lovely packaging.
  • Heavy-duty scrubbing.
  • Skin feels super clean.
  • Lovely fragrance.
  • Skin doesn’t feel stretchy.
  • Just a little goes a long way.
  • Not tested on animals.

Cons of Dirty Works Glow Girl Buttery Salt Scrub:

  • Not for sensitive skin.
  • Availability.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Dirty Works Glow Girl Buttery Salt Scrub?
Yes to both (though sensitive skin should ideally do a patch test first).

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  1. OMGG!! that looks so lush. I feel like scooping it out and giving it a go. 😀 The packaging is soo prettyyy. Good review rash! 🙂

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