8 Summer-Approved Colour Combinations for This Hot Weather

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Summers are all about dressing pretty and colourful. In today’s post, let’s talk about some foolproof colour combinations which are summer approved and will let you sail through the hot season with flying colours.

8 Summer-Approved Colour Combinations for This Hot Weather

1. Lemon yellow and blue

lemon yellow and blue
This is a great pairing for summers which looks good in western as well as traditional clothes. This colour combination is all bright and cheery. Yellow colour represents the sunny side of summers and blue is a cool colour that perfectly balances it.

2. Pink and pastel green

pink and pastel green
Pink is evergreen and pastels are so in vogue this season. So what better way to wear these colours than together! You can go for bolder and brighter shades of pink and introduce accents of pastel green colour to balance the look.

3. Coral and turquoise

coral and turquoise
This is a totally knockout colour combination perfectly apt for summer time. These both are peppy and vivacious colours which add a fresh summery vibe to any outfit. You can easily wear these colours together without going overboard!

4. Neon and white

neon and white
Neons add such a splash of colour to any outfit and summers are all about bright and poppy colours. Right? You can wear neon shades with white as neon accents will stand out against white colour beautifully and will give a great contrast to the outfit.

5. Mint blue and brown

mint blue with brown
Mint is such a pretty shade and is so calming and so is brown. You can beat the heat by wearing this great colour combination. You can go for a mint summer dress and pair it with brown accessories to complete the look.

6. White on white

white on white
White is the true summer staple colour. You can never go wrong with white and white on white is such a cool trend to pull off. You don’t even have to worry about providing any contrast to the colour. You can just add different white textures in a single outfit to make a statement.

7. Shades of the same colour

same color family
This is also a great way to wear different shades of the same colour. You can try bright and muted versions of same colour family or you can go for one solid colour and prints from the same colour family to make an outfit stand out.

8. White and beige

white and beige
Beige is the colour of the season while white will always remain so. These are two easy breezy colours for summer time and you won’t have a hard time deciding an outfit keeping these two cool colours in mind.

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