How to Treat Ankle Injury/ Sprain

INJURY.. the word in itself is so painful. An injury can happen to anyone anytime, but if clumsiness is god gifted to you  then an injury is bound to happen to you every time. Anyways, let’s focus on today’s topic ‘Ankle Injury’.

Basically there are two most common ankle problems: fracture and sprain. A sprain is caused when the ligaments of the ankle joints are stretched or torn. Swelling, bruising, inability to walk, joint stiffness are the symptoms of an ankle sprain. But the condition may get worst if proper precautions are not taken.

ankle injuryBased upon the severity of sprain an ankle sprain can be classified into three categories:

1.    First degree sprain: It includes mild pain and swelling. Mild ligament tear and joint stiffness.
2.    Second degree sprain: The symptoms include severe pain, moderate swelling and joint stiffness and severe ligament tear.
3.    Third degree sprain: complete loss of motion, total rupture of ligament, severe pain and swelling.

ankle injury

Tips to treat an ankle injury

•    In case of an ankle injury the first and the foremost step to be taken is rest. If you do not want any further injury then rest is a must. The more you rest the better and quicker are the chances of healing.
•    Apply ice over the injury as soon as possible to prevent inflammation from developing. Never apply ice directly to the skin always use a towel or an ice bag. Also, ice should not be applied for more than 20 minutes.
•    Use crutches for sometime to avoid any kind of stress on the injured area.
•    Keep the injured area elevated as it will prevent swelling. ankle injury
•    Avoid vigorous exercise after the injury.
•    Use a compression sock or an elastic bandage to prevent pain and swelling.
•    Avoid heavy massage as it may further aggravate the injury.
•    Consult a doctor before starting your own treatment.
•    Never soak your foot in hot water because heat promotes blood flow and will cause greater swelling.
•    Always wear comfortable shoes to avoid ankle injury. High heels are the cause of most ankle injuries among women.
•    When your injury is completely healed always perform some ankle exercises to make the muscles stronger.
•    Balance and stability training must be performed.
•    Always use level surfaces to walk or run, uneven surfaces should be avoided to prevent injury.

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