Harmful Women Fashion Trends

Fashion doesn’t come cheap. And no I am not talking about the money. At times fashion trends cost you more than that. These trends cost you your health and well being. Although women are most of the times well aware of what all are they risking in the name of fashion, here is a word of caution:


High heels are known to contribute to knee and back problems, disabling injuries in falls, shortened calf muscles, and an awkward, unnatural walk (we all know that walk). It is also said that prolonged usage of high heels may cause enough changes in the feet to impair their proper function. Most women admit high heels make their feet hurt, but they tolerate the discomfort in order to look taller, stylish, and more professional. Anything more than 2 inches is a strict no-no by doctors. Doctors everywhere in the world recommend wearing flats everyday and on all occasions. When you walk in flats, the muscles of the leg and thigh have an opportunity to contract as well as to stretch out. However, when wearing your high-heeled shoes, the foot is held in a downward position as you walk. This keeps the knee, hip, and low back in a somewhat flexed position, which prevents the muscles that cross the backside of these joints to stretch out as they normally would. Over time, this can lead to stiffness, pain, and injury. High heels can also cause lower back strain, because the heel causes your body to pitch forward more than normal, putting excess pressure on the back.
heels stilettos

Skinny jeans

heels skinny jeans
Over the last several years, experts say they’ve been seeing more young women at a healthy weight complain of symptoms of a nerve condition called meralgia paresthetica, also known as “tingling thigh syndrome.” Guess the culprit? Your go-to skinny jeans. The condition can happen when constant pressure — in many cases, from the skin-tight denim — cuts off the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, causing a numb, tingling or burning sensation along the thigh. Other than teenage girls and young women who love their skinny jeans, sufferers of this condition include construction workers or police officers with heavy, low-slung belts, pregnant women or obese people; it also can result from a pulled-tight seat belt in a car accident. Other than this, skinny jeans are also related to yeast infections in women and low fertility rate in men.

Low rise jeans

skinny jeans
Low rise jeans can not only cause embarrassing moments but also constant wearing of low rise jeans increases the risk for hernias and hydroceole, which need surgery at some stage of life. Some women may also end up with weird body posture and walk because of low rise jeans and pants. In short term, regular use of tight low rise jeans causes a false waistline to appear where you wear your jeans, making your ‘love handles’ to pop out which makes you look like a muffin. Women with heavier mid section are at highest risk for these problems.

Big Bags

big bags
Dont you just love your big roomy totes that let you carry around your world with you? Do you love to stuff your big fashionable bag with everything that you need from your laptop to your lip gloss? If yes, then this will probably do two things to you. First, it will wear out the bag. And second, it will not only kill your posture but will permanently damage your back and shoulders. The former can be solved by buying another one, but the later means never ending problems with your body which may or may not be rectified by a surgery. Pay attention to whats in your bag and eliminate everything that you don’t absolutely need.

Coloured tights

coloured tights
Although this can happen from any kind of clothing, but blood infection due to cheap dyes in tights is more common. This happens primarily because tights are, well so tight. You need to throw away yours if they cause even the slightest of rashes or blisters.

Heavy Earrings

heavy earrings
Everyone loves how a nice pair of heavy earrings draw all the attention to the face. But these pretty things ultimately cause stretched out or torn earlobes. Another mistake women do is wearing heavy earrings to bed. They constantly rub with your pillow and your earlobes get pulled. In India, where women are supposed to wear heavy earrings in their traditional attire, this problem or lobuplasty, the surgery to correct stretched out or torn earlobes is not uncommon.

Acrylic Nails

acrylic nails
Acrylic nails are known to cause yeast infections in nails. The bond between the artificial nail and the real nail is stronger than the bond between the real nail and the nail bed, so it rips the nail from the nail bed, and that creates a space for which infection can occur. Although, the harmful effects of acrylic nails are not life threatening, that is assuming that the technicians use properly sterilised equipment, the ill effects are still worth considering.

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  1. very nicely compiled Aashima.
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