9 Common Makeup Brush Mistakes You Must Avoid

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We often hear about makeup mistakes, but no one bothers about the mistakes done with makeup brushes. Makeup brushes help in making the application easier for a flawless look, and a makeup lover cannot imagine her life without them. In order to get that flawless look, makeup brushes must be used in a right way and should be preserved well. Thus, I am here to discuss the mistakes that must be avoided to make your makeup look flawless and keep your brushes intact for a long time.


1. Not cleaning your brushes:

This is no secret that your makeup brushes must be clean and dry. Dirty makeup brushes can breed bacteria that could lead to clogged pores. One must wash her makeup brushes at regular intervals. Wash your makeup brushes cautiously as there are many factors involved.

Dirty Brushes

2. Not storing brushes properly:

Always store your makeup brushes vertically to maintain the original shape of the bristles. If you use your makeup brushes and smash them in the drawer forgetting about them, you are decreasing their life span and destroying the shape too. A brush is of no use if its original shape is distorted. Makeup brushes must be stored in a cool and dry place, just like your other makeup and skin care products. So, if you had invested in them,then take care of them properly.

Makeup Storage

3. Not experimenting with brushes:

You can definitely use a makeup brush for different purposes. It is not necessary to use a makeup brush as it is categorized. One can use a blush brush to apply powder or a powder brush to apply blush. Keep experimenting with your makeup brushes in all possible ways. It could lead to the discovery of a new way to use the old brush.

4. Not using a big brush for applying blush or bronzer:

Not using a big brush for applying bronzer or blush is an example of size mismatch. If your blush or bronzer looks made up and not natural, this could be because of the smaller sized brush. You can opt for a big brush to give your bronzer, blush or illuminator more soft and natural look. Besides, you can use your powder brush for applying blush or use your blush brush to apply powder. You know multi-purpose!

5. Not using synthetic brushes:

People allergic to animal’s hair definitely choose synthetic brushes to avoid any discomfort. However, you must own synthetic brushes even if you are not allergic to natural brushes. Natural brushes tend to absorb more concealer and, foundation which ultimately leads to the product wastage. In short, opt for synthetic brushes while using cream-based products and natural brushes for using powder-based products.

Synthetic Brushes

6. Not using a small eyeshadow crease brush:

This is another example of not using the right size of makeup brush. There are eye shadow and eyeshadow crease brushes available. Eyeshadow crease brushes are smaller than eyeshadow brushes and are soft and fluffy. This quality of the eyeshadow crease brushes helps in blending the pigmentation really well.

7. Not owning a fan brush:

Not a fan of a fan brush? Considering all the usages of a fan brush, you must be. A fan brush can be used for the perfect makeup finish. The flat shape of the fan brush provides a soft application over the skin. It can be used for sweeping your bronzer, highlighter or blush over the face. The flat shape helps in clearing out the fallouts of your makeup products. Using a fan brush also provides a natural look to your makeup.

8. Not paying attention to bristles:

Bristles of the makeup brush can reveal a lot about it. You must take the bristle count into account while buying makeup brushes. So basically, for a sheer coverage, you can choose a less dense brush and vice-versa. Similarly, the angle of the bristles also matters in the makeup application. Besides this, short bristles provide more intensive application while longer bristles provide less.

9. Not using light strokes:

In any case, you should not apply any pressure on your makeup brushes. It will not help in getting you any better result. You should sweep the makeup brush across your face with light hands. Using hard pressure only damages makeup brushes and result into imperfect makeup application. The right way is not to bend the bristles over your skin. If it does then, you must be applying way too much pressure. Besides, you can always build up the pigmentation, so starting with the light hands is a wise thing to do.

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