9 Simple Diet Changes that will Help You Lose Weight Faster

As we are never satisfied with our current weight and always keep finding ways to lose more, I am sharing some super easy tips to lose weight. The tips I am sharing today are really easy, and can be managed by all of us. So let’s start!
Simple Diet Changes that will Help You Lose Weight Faster

1. Replace your desserts with dark chocolate

dark chocolate for health
Not for diet purpose, but I really love dark chocolates. 😛 That is a big plus point for me as they make your skin look healthier, help you lose weight plus they help you fight your sweet tooth. Instead of opting for a muffin or a cheesecake, opt for dark chocolates. If you cannot go for chocolates that have 70-80% cocoa, then a Bournville (which has only 40-45% cocoa) is good enough to begin with.

2. Change your plate size

If you have a habit of taking your food in a big plate, then change the size of your plate to a comparatively smaller one. Believe me, this makes a difference as you are psychologically satisfying your brain.

3. Change your regular cooking oil

oil substitutes
Try to make small changes that are not only easy to change but also easy to carry off. Try changing your refined cooking oil with extra virgin olive oil. Try to replace your dry fruits with fresh fruits and veggies. Also you can make little changes like opting for tomato popcorn instead of chips. You can also switch to sugar free or brown sugar. Brown rice are a great option to feed your rice needs.

4. Start every meal with a glass of water

I know opting a glass of warm water is tough. But you can at least go for a glass of normal water before every meal. And also if you can than try to resist yourself from drinking water immediately after you finish your meal; wait for at least half an hour. This is really going to help you and save you some bloating.

5. Snack the right way

best nuts for weight loss
If you are a person who spends most of her time at home, then I am pretty sure you like to munch on out of boredom. But you can help yourself by avoiding this by keeping a handful of almonds, walnuts and peanuts for snacking. These three nuts are really beneficial and would keep you full the entire day. Even better, opt for juices, homemade soups and flavored milk.

6. Don’t go for crash diets

We often assume that not eating anything will lead to weight loss, say of like 2-3 kgs, in just a few days. But do you know the truth? Your body would start storing food and this results in bloating. Instead of starving, eat at regular intervals and do not rush to lose weight. Take things easy and slow if you want to see long term success.
9 Simple Diet Changes that will Help You Lose Weight Faster12

7. Opt for detox drinks

green smoothie for weight loss
You will not only get the benefits of water but also of various ingredients used to make detox water and smoothies. There are various posts here on IMBB about various detox waters and their benefits. You should definitely read them to know more.

8. Reduce your habit of eating out

This is harming you the most. The best that you can do to yourself is to stop eating out every now and then. If you feel like going for a new dish, then go for it but just once a week. In fact when you go out to eat, get into the habit of having a bowl of plain salad and soup before the big meal.

9. Quit your milk tea

The most tough part of changing your diet and lifestyle is to quit your everyday morning and evening milk tea. But this would help you to the core. Even I am a big fan of milk tea and hate to go for green tea or any other herbal tea. But I have finally reduced my tea intake.

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