9 Traditional Ways to Beat the Heat

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How is the weather in your city? I think except Himalayas, everywhere else is hot like Thar. With such terrible heat, we need to take care of our health in as many ways as possible. I was talking to my mother about getting a new AC for better cooling and she came up with a long list of traditional ways to beat the heat. She stressed on natural remedies which I found easy and some of them were very yummy. To know about them, please keep on reading.
beat the heat

1. Gond kateera (Tragacanth Gum)
The botanical name of this wonder ingredient is Astragalus Gummifer. Grown on a thorny shrub, it takes form of off-whitish crystals when dried. When soaked in water, it becomes gummy and fluffy. It can be added to Rabri Falooda or eaten with flavored milk. You can also add it to chilled lemony water with mint leaves, sugar and crushed ice. It prevents your body from heat stroke; it acts as a laxative and also helps in urinary incontinence. Gond laddoos are always recommended to pregnant ladies.

2. Lassi or Chaas (Buttermilk)
Buttermilk is such a yum-yum way to beat the heat. It is made from yoghurt which has digestive enzymes. It soothes your bloated stomach and also provides relief in constipation and other digestive system problems. Flavored lassi is quite famous these days. You can choose from mango, strawberry and even chocolate lassi. While the flavors soothe your taste buds, the healthy bacteria will soothe your gut.

3. Amla murabba (Gooseberry Murabba)
Amla is rich in vitamin C. Other than that, it contains iron, protein, minerals, fiber and polyphenols. In short, gooseberry is a powerhouse of nutrients. The cool potency will help you in getting rid of that burning sensation, prickly heat and hyperacidity. It is also beneficial for hair, skin and eyesight. Amla murabba is prescribed for those who suffer nose bleed, commonly called Nakseer. It ensures good blood flow and also cures peptic ulcers.

4. Aam panna
aam panna
A little tangy, a little sweet with little hints of spices, that is how I would describe this mango-licious drink. Made from raw mangoes, sugar and specially selected spices, this drink helps in replenishing the excessive loss of sodium chloride and zinc due to sweating. It keeps your digestion intact and body cool in soaring temperature. Aam panna is quite rich in Vitamin C which makes it a super yum and super healthy summer drink.

5. Multani mitti (Fuller’s earth)
I think I have made you drool enough with Aam panna so this point is about skin care. I’ll get back to yummy remedies in a jiffy. Fuller’s earth treats acne and blemishes but it is even more helpful in healing prickly heat or medically knows as miliaria rubra. Prickly heat indicates the blockage of sweat ducts which can be easily removed by applying a simple pack of multani mitti mixed with rose water. It removes dead skin cells, reduces oiliness and improves the circulation of blood, leaving skin smooth and soft. Cherry on the top, it helps in the reduction of tan. So, go for this dirt cheap amazing thing today.

6. Sandalwood
Sandalwood or chandan as anti ageing, anti tanning and has softening properties. It is cool in potency. It provides instant relief from prickly heat’s tingling itching sensation. Mix chandan powder with rose water to make a simple but effective go to anti-tan pack these summers. You can also buy sandalwood essential oil and dilute it during bath to feel fresh all day long.

7. Shikanjavi
It is the desi lemonade originated in North India. What is so special about it? Well, it is not your basic lemonade. It has cumin powder, black pepper, black salt, a tiny chunk of ginger and mint leaves. All of these ingredients act as a natural shield against heat stroke, nausea, belching, bloating and heartburn. It is quite tangy and delicious as compared to normal nimbu pani.

8. Sharbat
Sharbats are heavenly drinks. There is a vareity of sharbats available in market, like Sandal, Khus and Rose. It basically a thick, overly sweet syrup which can be added to water or milk as per your liking. Essence of Sandalwood, Khus (Vetiver) and Rose makes these sugary syrups taste so flavorsome that you can’t just stop at one glass. If you feel feverish due to heat, just have a glass of sharbat and feel your body cooling down.

9. Thandai
A chilled glass of tha ndai can relieve you from all the heat you fought throughout the day. Thandai is mostly served as a welcome drink in Holi. But, thandai has wonderful cooling properties. It has rose petals, cardamom, saffron, milk, sugar, fennel seeds, pepper, poppy seeds, pistachios, rose petals and melon seeds. All these help in boosting immunity, improving digestion and cure almost all the symptoms of heat stroke.

So beauties, please let me know in the comment section, how you liked it and if you like to read more of such articles, I would loooove to write. Take care. Stay healthy and beautiful, inside out.

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