7 Summer Trends for 2016 Inspired by International Fashion Weeks

Greetings beauties!
I am in a fashion obsessed phase now! Actually, I wanted a wardrobe makeover (read excuse for shopping) and decided to explore the trends for summer 2016. And, how could I not share my new found knowledge with my favorite ladies? In this post, I will talk about some fashion and styling trends inspired by international fashion weeks. Let’s get going girls.

summer fashion

1. Ladylike Kitten heels back in vogue

kitten heels
Say goodbye block heels and platforms, and steer clear of old school canvas shoes. Embrace the cute kitten heels this summer which look feminine and classy and are super comfy too. We might now hail the return of the dainty kitten heel pumps!

2. Wacky colored hair is in

wacky hair color
Gone are the days of blondes, brunettes and redheads. Women are going rainbow head. And this wild coloring phase is going viral, with some women dying their armpit hair in weird colors.

3. Victorian inspired silhouettes

victorian gown
The classic romanticism of Victorian era was brought back in limelight by Alexander McQueen. Think flowy dresses, laces, ruffles, bows and everything ladylike. Whimsical and romantic dressing is back!

4. Clothing pins are trendy

clothing pin
Add a twist to your outfit by using clothing pins. Blazer lapels to denim jackets, from hats to dresses, these cute and often humorous pins spell fun and fresh! We heart!

5. Distressed days are gone

fitted denim
Time to give a well-deserved break to your ripped and distressed denims. The rage for years, this summer wear fitted denims without purposely distressing them!

6. Patchwork is the new “IT” print

This not-so-often used print made a major comeback. What works for this trend is that you can use patchwork on an item and any piece of fabric. Avoid a clash of too many colors, and you will have some indeed great pieces in your closet.

7. Everyone wants babylights

Babylights are a great way to lighten locks without making a bold color difference, and keeps hair looking soft and fresh. The subtle color of youth is a good choice, and from supermodels to celebs babylights are stealing hearts. Plus, they add a dash of innocence and vitality to your appearance!

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