A Guide To Different Kinds Of Acne

It’s the same old story for everyone, you see a pimple and it feels like the whole world is closing down on you and you just need to find a way to break free from these tiny scoundrels that are ruining your life. We try everything to sort the calamity and usually end up in vain, with that nasty pimple still chilling on our faces like it’s no one’s business. Well ladies, most of the time, you do not even know the kind of pimple that has settled on your face. Wait, there are kinds? Yes there are different kinds of acne and each need to be treated much differently to their siblings.

A Guide To Different Kinds Of Acne

The basic whitehead:  We all have had this at some point in our life, a white head is a classic pimple. These are simply clogged pores that appear white in colour or are flesh coloured sitting underneath our skin, these are not red or sore. This is the kind of pimple, that you and me both are tempted to pop, but are forced not too, for the sake of our long-term skin life. The best way to treat these is to exfoliate your skin, this will aid in cleansing your pores. Since these type of pimples are not inflamed, please refrain from making use of the big guns (intensive acne treatments) to treat these. Intensive acne treatments, will only make matters worse for the whitehead, since these drying agents trap oil in your skin for longer periods of time, something you do not want.

Is that an oxidised clogged pore I see?: Well, well, well if it isn’t the blackhead we are talking about. Sure they are annoying and your first instinct is to pop that black stuff out. But did you know? A blackhead is just a very large open pore, that is clogged with oil and has turned black in colour due to the process of oxidation.  The wonders of chemistry even dawns upon us during skin care regimes. Pore cleansing products and facials are your best bet to keep blackheads at bay. Also, I would say stay away from products containing pore-clogging ingredients and make generous amounts of salicylic acid products to keep clean pores.

A Guide To Different Kinds Of Acne

Oh dear not another cyst:  Cystic acne, one of the worst forms of acne you can ever endure. You know you have cystic acne, when there are bumps within your skin and there is no opening. These bumps are super inflamed, red and highly painful. Their favourite hot spots for developing are near your jaw line and chin, you sometimes also find them near your neck. I shudder at the thought of these, since I was a victim to its pain during my teenage years. DON’T ever try picking on these, you will be left with scars and you shall endure loads of unwanted pain on your face. The best way to treat these is to apply ice on the cyst, this will calm down the swelling and inflammation. Wish I knew about this treatment. Also from personal experience, I would say, give the diary intake in your diet some slack. Diary intake can be the cause for these eruptions to take place. If you want to apply a topical treatment, there are a number of anti-cyst products available in the market. Speak to your dermatologist before using any.

A Guide To Different Kinds Of Acne

Pustules:  These are your regular joe “zits,” these are not whitehead, so do not get confused. They are red and inflamed, usually infected and are filled with pus. Treatments for this sort of a pimple will include products containing anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties that will kill the infection and help you say bye to the zit.

So that was a quick guide to the kinds of acne and pimples there are in the world, I hope it helps you ladies identify the one you are enduring. Till then, don’t pick on those nasties and if you do, keep your hands clean. Comment below and tell me, what kind of pimples do you usually face and your best go to treatment for the same.

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  1. I had all kind of them except blackheads in my life.. and my present ongoing struggle is with cyst wala .. 🙁 🙁 though ice does help me a lot.

    1. Cyst is the most horrible one out of them lot! Cut down on diary intake if you think it is due to that. I know if I ever drink a glass of milk, I have eruptions near my jawline 🙁

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