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Beauty industry is flooded with the sheet masks which claim to transform your skin and give you a healthier looking glowing skin. Do they work? Oh yes! Most of them do work brilliantly and live up to all the claims. Let’s find out everything about sheet masks in today’s post.

application of sheet mask

What are sheet masks?

You don’t have to scoop them out of a jar and then worry about spreading them evenly on the face. They are little sheets made of soft cotton or fibres cut out in a face shape and then soaked in a light but potent substance (think serum!) You’re meant to apply these on a clean skin and then leave on for 10 to 20 minutes.

How often can you use them?

As often as you like! Although they can get a bit pricey so using them once or twice a week is good. It will be beneficial for your skin and will also not burn hole in your pocket.

sheet mask

They don’t replace your serum:
Just because you have started using sheet masks a few times a day, it doesn’t mean that you can now say goodbye to your serum. Sheet masks are like the pampering session for the skin while the serum is a necessity for basic skin care routine.

When It Comes To Application, Longer Isn’t Always Better:

Most of them aren’t meant to be left overnight. After 20-30 minutes of application, when you feel the mask is drying out then it is time to remove that off your face. When mask start to dry out then it will start sucking moisture out from your skin. So judge by your own instincts or just use them for 20 minutes max!

Steam will be great too:
Although most of us just wash our faces and then apply the sheet masks but if you are steaming your face beforehand then they will be really more beneficial. Steaming will open up your pores and soften the debris within your pores so that you pores will be free of all the oil and dirt.

sheet mask for beautiful skin

Do a patch test:

If you have very sensitive skin then it might be a good idea to do a patch test before using the sheet mask on your face. So that you will be able to know whether the particular sheet mask is for you or not!

They are not all the same:
They are not just one mask fits all type! They come in various categories and are meant to address various skin issues from dry skin to oily skin and from acne prone to sensitive skin. There is a mask for every skin issue. So keep in mind your skin issue and then choose your mask to reap maximum benefits of it.

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