How To Apply Eyeliner On The Lower Lids

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Applying eyeliner on the lower lid is a tricky affair. By lower lid, we mean the waterline. And waterline area is very sensitive. So, if you don’t apply eyeliner in a proper manner then you might get racoon eyes and even serious eye infections.
So, here we are giving you some tips and tricks to apply eyeliner on the lower lid area:

eye makeup line

1. Draw Thin Lines:

Sometimes when you draw thick lines then it can give an impression of dark circles. So, just draw thin lines and close to your lower eyelid. This will ensure that you get the perfect liner look on your lower eyelid and will also prevent getting racoon eyes.

2. Background Work:

The lower lid is extremely thin and delicate. Thus, you should not layer up the area with too many products. This will create unnecessary product build up. Thus, use light liquid consistency or serum like products. This will make it easy for any makeup to glide on it.

Applying Liner on the Lower Lash Line

3. Regularly Sharpen:

Do you know that your kajal tip has maximum bacteria and fungus? Thus, keep sharpening it regularly. This will ensure that there is no bacteria or fungus build up and thus your eyeliner application will also be much more smooth and the finish will be top notch.

4. Sequencing:

Sequencing is very important in case of eye makeup. You should complete your eyeshadow and highlighter work. And then do the eyeliner. This way your eyeliner will show up more and will not clash against the eyeshadow.

Aishwarya with bold lower lash line Kajal

5. Softer Look:

Your lower eyelid should always be softer when compared to the upper eyelid. This is because if you apply upper and lower eyelids both in black or dark colours then your eyes will look much smaller and will also appear closed. Thus, make sure that the eyeshadow complements your lower lid.

6. Avoid The Inner Corner Of Eyes:

The inner corner of your eyes should be completely avoided. This is because if you line the inner corner then your eyes will look much more closed and will appear smaller.

Avoid the Inner Corner

7. Precision Is A Must:

Try to ensure the correct amount of precision when you are drawing eyeliner on the lower eyelid. Also, try to outline the outer area rather than the inner area as that will create a closed look of the eyes.


8. Blending Correctly:

You should remember that while blending your lower eyelid, you should not go too low. Otherwise, it will create a tired and dark circle look. It will also look quite ashy on your face.


9. Gel Liners:

Gel liners are the best eye product for your lower eyelids. They ensure a precise look and line which looks great on the lower lid. It stays smudge-free for a long time and will give you the perfect fresh and sexy look.

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