How to Apply Eyeshadow

Eyeshadows are the most important part of makeup. Our eyes get more attention than any other feature on our face; this makes it even more important that we know how to apply eyeshadow. They can be used to cleverly change or enhance the shape of your eyes. Eyeshadows also add depth and dimension to one’s eyes.

how to apply Eyeshadow

One should always invest in good eyeshadow which can stay on your eyes all day long. Spend some money if you don’t want to be troubled about retouching your makeup throughout the day.

Tips to apply eyeshadow:

• Always apply a primer: Prime your lids by applying foundation or concealer. You can also opt for eyeshadow primers available in the market. Primer will even out your skin tone and make your eye makeup look a lot smoother and softer.
• Even though there are no hard and fast rules for choosing the colour of your eye yet, more emphasis is given on opting for colours according to your skin tone and eye colour. Take a large flat eyeshadow brush and apply a light colour over your entire eye lid from lash line to brow.

how to apply Eyeshadow

• Now, raise your eyebrows and find the crease of your upper eyelid. Apply a medium shadow colour on your lower lid from lash line to the crease of your eye. Tap off any excess eyeshadow from your brush before applying, it will prevent flaking of eye shadow. Also, choose your brushes according to the size of your eyelids; the larger the area you have to work on, the bigger your brushes should be.
• Apply the darkest shade on the crease of the eyelid that is the place almost in the middle of the total eye area-above the lashes and beneath the brows. Blend all the colours well. Proper blending is the key to get the polished look.
• Pearly shades are great for highlighting the brow bone and opening up the eye area. Improper use of highlighter will exaggerate your wrinkles and make the eyes unattractive.

how to apply Eyeshadow

• People with big eyes should wear darker shadow on the lid and extend it to the crease. For smaller eyes excess use of shadow or liner should be avoided, as it can make you eyes look even smaller.
• People with deep-set eyes should use light colours on the eyelid and medium colour within the crease. They should emphasize the outer corners with shadow. If you have wide-set eyes then you should apply a dark shade on the inner corner of your eyelid and light shade on the outer.

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15 thoughts on “How to Apply Eyeshadow

  1. nice article era..gals tell me 1 thing..whenever i wear mascara ..after i remove it in night ma eyes feel so tired..i dnt use mascara regularly..jst on special outings and dat too only on ma upper lashes as i am more into nude makeup..and i use mayblliene mascara..dat yellow one??does ma tired eyes hve anything to do wid d mascara??// :thanks:

    1. hi jigyasa….thats a really strange problem…never experienced it myself but just from the top of my head, i can think of 2 reasons: maybe u r applying more than 1 coat of mascara…that can weigh down your lashes and over the course of the day, tire your eyes….another reason partly related to the 1st one could be when you are removing your mascara at night….is ur makeup removal cream/lotion harsh or does it not take off the mascara at once and do u need to go back and forth multiple times. that can also be quite stressful for ur eyes….going back to my earlier point, if u r applying multiple coats, removing it could be tough…
      if none of these factors apply, maybe try changing the brand…maybelline colossal usually works really well…maybe it’s just not working for u…hope that helps!

      1. to add to the above, it could also simply be a matter of your eyes not used to a mascara…since u do not apply it on a regular basis, ur eyes are not used to the foreign substance on ur lashes….maybe u can start using a clear mascara more frequently or use a mascara with a slightly thinner consistency…maybe that would help.

        1. thnx bhavana..i guess ur secnd point z right fr me..coz i dnt apply more dan 1 cote and in night i remove it wid plain olive oil..i guess ma eyes r nt habitual of mascara…thnx a lot… :thanks:

          1. Jigyasa mix some water or rose water on the cotton pad along with the olive oil. Works wonders! 🙂 I always remove my mascaras like that.

  2. hey jigyasa……i feel the same after using the kohl from chambor…plz gimme also sme tips…regarding this….

  3. just a little tip..I use the orange eyeshadow or orange lipstick for my dark circles. i have decided not to use concealer since they go right into my fine lines and my eyes looked a litte caked up. instead I use eye cream, orange eyeshadow/orange lipstick, a little foundation and set with loose powder

      1. Thanks Rati. i read it online yday and it seemed to make a bit of a difference this morning. all these years I used concealers and some how it wouldnt just work..

        btw, tried to view your tute on facebook regarding application of foundation but it took forever to load so will try it sometime again..never realized you had some many tutes on YouTube 🙂

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