How to Apply Emo Eyeshadow

The term ‘emo’, a short form of emotional, it is associated with a genre of music reflecting the thoughts of emotional people. During the mid 1970s this style was linked to the hardcore punk rock. In Emo makeup eyes are the centre of attraction. So, incase you want to try out this look then just follow the simple tips written below.


Tips for Emo eye makeup:

• After the application of foundation on your face apply a primer on your lids.
• Take a small eye shadow brush and apply eye shadow to your eyelids. Darker colours and bright neons will give the desired effect. Apply a little eye shadow under the eyes too. For a softer look try to apply contrasting colours.
• Apply a black eyeliner to the bottom lash, starting from the inside corner. The aim is to get a thicker line and build up a solid black effect. Now, apply eyeliner on the eyelids, close to your lashes. The effect should be that of catlike, keeping the line slating upwards towards the temples. Make sure that the eyeliner is consistently smooth on both the top and bottom lash lines. If you are finding it difficult to thicken your eyeliner, use a small amount of black eye shadow on the eyeliner brush to get the smoky effect.
• Apply black mascara to the upper eyelashes. However, you can apply it to the lower lashes too, if you wish. But, be careful while doing so as you do not want to smudge your mascara.
• You can use volumizing mascara with a glossy shine or put long fake eyelashes for a theatrical effect.
• Try to keep the lips simple and avoid dark lipsticks. You can opt for a light or nude lip gloss, lip balm or pale lipstick for the perfect Emo look.

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