How to Apply Egyptian Eye Makeup

The concept of beauty was an essential part of ancient Egyptian society. They valued makeup and believed that more beautiful you are, the more closer you will be to the gods. According to their belief, an unadorned eye corresponds to an unprotected eye. This will make a person vulnerable to what they refer to as the “Evil Eye”.
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Egyptians laid importance on the usage of eyeliners. Eyeliners were looked upon as status symbols. Eye makeup was an important part of dressing up for daily activities for both men and women in ancient Egyptian culture.

The ancient Egyptians classified their makeup into two kinds – mesdemet and udju. The former is a lead ore, which is dark gray in colour. It is a derivative of another element galena or stibnite. The latter comes from copper, more specifically green malachite.

Tips to Apply Egyptian Eye Makeup

• Clean your face and apply an alcohol free tonner. Moisturize your skin properly and use a primer to help keep your makeup in place. Prime your lids as well. You can either use a foundation or concealer for this purpose. You can also opt for eye shadow primers available in the market. Primer will even out your skin tone and make your eye makeup look a lot smoother and softer.

• Pay attention to your eyebrows. They are very important for this look. Now, fill in your brows to eliminate any sparseness between hairs. While using small, soft strokes carefully bring out the shape of your brows, focusing on areas such as the arches
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• Apply a light-coloured eye shadow on your entire eye lid from lash line to brow. Avoid using eye shadow to the inner corner of the eye, as Egyptians only used eye shadow for the outer corners. Now, starting from your lash line stipple on a trademark Egyptian colour like gold or a rich midtone blue. Take a large flat eye shadow brush and stipple the colours carefully. Tap off any excess eye shadow from your brush before applying, it will prevent flaking of eye shadow. Buff the colour down to your content with an eye shadow blending brush.

• Now using an eyeliner brush draw a thick line from the middle of your eye to the outer end slowly extending it from the outer corner. Using the brush draw a similar line on your lower eyelid. Use a kohl pencil to line the inner rim of your eye.

• Curl your eyelashes and then apply a layer of black mascara on both eyelashes

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