Ardell Natural Strip lashes – 101 Demi Review

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This was my first product from Ardell and my first try with false eyelashes. These eyelashes are game changer and adds gorgeousness instantly to the whole eye makeup look. Let’s quickly move on to the review and know more about the product in detail.

Ardell Natural Strip lashes 101 Demi Review

INR 375

Product Description:
Ardell Natural Strip Lashes are perfect for any special occasion or a night out on the town.
Our most popular bold and sparkling lash styles are reusable, easy-to-apply and give the desired, glamorous look of long, beautiful lashes.
Made with sterilized human hair.
Gives you a natural look.
Lightweight and reusable.
In no time your eye makeup is done and you are ready to go!

Ardell Natural Strip lashes 101 Demi Review Details

My Experience with Ardell Natural Strip lashes – 101 Demi

After watching a lot of eye makeup tutorials, I decided to buy falsies for myself. I bought them few months ago and this was my first try with falsies. These eyelashes are perfect for enhancing the eye makeup look. Ardell was the first brand that clicked in my mind, when I thought of trying and buying falsies for myself. Having read all positive reviews of this brand, I chose Ardell natural strip lashes 101 Demi. These lashes were the most inexpensive from their range and I decided to give it a shot.

Ardell Natural Strip lashes 101 Demi Review Packaging

Since, this was my first try, I chose a basic one and not the dramatic falsies. I first wanted to try inexpensive falsies that would add volume and make the eyes look attractive naturally. I was very excited to try these and check how these would look on me. I tried these falsies as soon as I received them.

Ardell Natural Strip lashes 101 Demi Review Unpacked

The plastic packaging of it is decent and it is convenient to store these in the same case. The case is transparent and has it’s name on it. So, it’s easy to reach out for the lashes in the makeup stash by reading it’s name. The cardboard leaflet that comes with this packaging has all the details and instructions about the lashes. If you wish, you can restore the leaflet or just dispose it in the bin to minimize the space in your vanity.

Ardell Natural Strip lashes 101 Demi Review Lash in Hand

When I tried these lashes for first time, I was a little disappointed by its size. In my mind, I thought I would need to cut them if they were long for my eye size, but it turned out the other way for me. If the lashes were long, I could have cut the extra, but since it was short and didn’t fit my eye well, I couldn’t do anything about it. There was still some space left uncovered at the corner of my eyes. I tried to adjust them a lot of times, but it still couldn’t cover my eyes completely. It is a lightweight product but you can actually feel like you are wearing them. I always take help of the plucker to apply them and this way, it makes the job of application easier.

Ardell Natural Strip lashes 101 Demi Review Holding Eyelash

These lashes are best suitable for everyday look, as it looks very natural and simple and not dramatic. But, I don’t mind trying them for parties and events, as these definitely adds to the look of the face and pops my eyes. The base of the lashes is thin and won’t interfere with your eyeliner. It is curled at the roots and that look of it helps the eyes look big and attractive. They are super light and don’t feel heavy at all. It is made of sterilized human hair and is soft too. The length of the lashes is perfect neither long nor short. It doesn’t prick my skin when I try to blink and I feel very comfortable wearing them. At first, I found this short for my eyes when I tried to apply it from the inner corners of my eye. When I try to remove these lashes with my fingers, they come off easily. The best thing about these lashes is that they are reusable. You can reuse this multiple times and can be durable, if maintained in proper and neat condition.

Ardell Natural Strip lashes 101 Demi Review Lashes on Eyes

Thus, when I tried to wash them after its first use, the hair changed a bit. It didn’t look that good like it did before. It wasn’t much curled like before and it looked dull and old.

Pros Of Ardell Natural Strip lashes – 101 Demi

  • Inexpensive.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Best suitable for natural every day look.
  • Super light to wear.
  • Length of the lashes is perfect; neither short nor long.
  • Made with sterilized human hair that is soft and doesn’t prick the skin.
  • The base band is thin and doesn’t interfere with eyeliner.
  • It is curled at its roots and that helps the eyes pop.
  • Makes the eyes look big and attractive.
  • Definitely adds volume to the eyes.
  • Doesn’t fall of until removed.
  • Comes off easily.
  • Reusable.
  • Decent packaging.
  • The plastic case provided is convenient to store.

Cons Of Ardell Natural Strip Lashes – 101 Demi

  • The length of the lashes is short.
  • Even though it’s lightweight, it feels like I am wearing them.
  • It doesn’t look that good like before after first wash.
  • It looses its curled shape after first wash.
  • It looses its shine and tends to look old after washing them.

IMBB Rating: 3.2/5
Do I Recommend Ardell Natural Strip Lashes – 101 Demi?
No! I don’t recommend these lashes, as length of the lashes is short and even though it is reusable, I feel the quality of the lash gets affected after its first wash.

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