Asian Spoon Facial Massage

by Rakhi P.

Hello there, my gorgeous girls.

I recently had been to a Chinese New Year celebration. It was fun, frolic, good food and games. I got to know so many things about Chinese tradition. It was an amazing experience. What caught my attention amidst all this were the beautiful girls. Girls with beautiful, flawless skin, amazing hair and drooling figures. I spoke to a few of them and in between I cheekily added a few beauty queries as well. 😛

Most of them spoke about healthy food habits and yoga being an important part of their daily routine. What came as a total surprise was this one particular facial method- The Asian Spoon Facial Massage. I came back home after the party and immediately started searching for articles and videos related to it. Guess what! It is a rage with Asian women. So let’s get started without any further delay

Asian Spoon Facial Massage

What the Facial Claims:
The Asian Spoon facial helps:

  • in de-puffing (by draining puff inducing lymph fluid) and adding more definition to the jawline/face,
  • in detoxifying the face,
  • in releasing tension,
  • with water retention,
  • in making the face firmer,
  • in making it slimmer and
  • in making the facial skin glow.

No wonder why it’s such a hit and most Asian women swear by it.

I watched a couple of tutorials and the girls in those tutorials claimed to have lost at least 3mm immediately after the massage. So I gave it a try as well. I didn’t get very obvious instant results but when I woke up next day, I could clearly see the difference. My jawline was more defined and my face was actually glowing. I did a Pharrell Williams happy dance too. 😀

Things Needed:

  1. A porcelain or ceramic Chinese Spoon. You can use two spoons if convenient and to speed things up.
    Please do not use plastic or metallic spoons as a substitute. You will be using this spoon on your face and using such spoons can damage your skin owing to their sharp and uneven edges.
  2. Any good natural, skin friendly essential oil, a facial cream or a night cream to reduce friction. If you do not fear breaking out, go ahead and use olive oil or pure coconut oil or a nice almond oil. But if your skin is prone to acne and breakouts then stick to a lighter facial cream. You can also incorporate this method in your CTM routine.

Asian Spoon Facial Massage

The massage should be restricted to 10 minutes at night. I would advise not to exceed this time as it can damage your skin due to over stimulation. You will notice a little redness on your face and neck post this massage but it will be soon gone.

Disclaimer: The results will be very evident after the 10th treatment. You can do it as you like- every day or once in two days. After all it just takes 10 minutes.

1. Start by applying a good facial essential oil or cream to your face and neck

  • Massage your skin with very gentle strokes.
  • Do not exert too much pressure on your delicate facial skin.
  • Use the spoon as though you are scooping your face.

2. Start with your forehead. Always remember to make the strokes in anti-gravity direction. From the centre of your forehead towards your hairline and then move towards the sides. Finish off the forehead by scooping from the centre towards the temples

Asian Spoon Facial Massage

3. Move on to your eyebrows. Scoop them following their natural curve with the narrow end of your spoon towards the handle.

4. Once you are done, use the same end of the spoon to very gently massage your eyelids from the inner corner to the outer corner and then under your eyes in a slanting upward direction.

5. Coming to your cheeks. Start scooping them gently, again in a slanting upward direction (starting from your nose to your ear). Use the broad end of the spoon. Do not forget to massage the area around your nose and mouth.

Asian Spoon Facial Massage

6. Once you are done scooping the cheek section, move on to the chin region. Using the side of your spoon, start stroking your jawline from chin to ear in upward slanting scooping strokes. After this, move to the area behind the ears. Your lymph nodes are situated there. Massaging this area helps you rid the toxins.

7. Now stroke in upward direction beneath your chin, then follow it up with downwards scooping strokes on your neck.

8. End the massage by scooping from your collarbone section toward the centre of your chest. Follow this by proper downwards scooping strokes in the centre chest section to allow full draining of the toxins and excessive fluids accumulated.

Ensure you give a set of 10 strokes for each section. I repeat, you will notice a little redness. Do not panic, it will be gone in 5–10 minutes. There you are. Done with the massage.

Asian Spoon Facial Massage

I am very happy with this facial massage. I mean, it’s quick, effective, and free 😀 . Apart from getting a glowing face each time, it ensures detoxification and removal of excess fluids from your face. You will notice a well-defined sculpted jawline by the time you complete it for the 10th time. After the 10th treatment, you can just stick to doing this regime once a week. It’s a wonder massage girls. Go ahead, give it a try. 😀

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  1. Wow! This is amazing. I had no idea about this kind of massage. Will try it for sure. Love your posts Rakhi. 🙂

  2. I have heard about this… Its really effective but take care of the direction n number of massages you do. Nice post!

    1. Thank you Juhi for the point out..Yes it’s a must to observe the duration, direction and number of strokes made as it may cause harm due to over stimulation.. such is the case with all massages 🙂

  3. Hi…nice post. But where do you get the ceramic spoon? Also I didnot understand the way of using the spoon. Is it just scooping with inner side of the spoon or we can do normal massage with the outer curver surface of the spoon? Pls do let me know.

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