Audrey’s Pocket Nail File Review

Audrey’s Pocket Nail File

By Sasmita Das

Hi all Beautiful Ladies,

This is a quick review for a handy device known as pocket nail file. I got this recently by seeing its color, size and the most importantly the cover of the nail file, this nail filer works very well and is really cute& tiny. The nail file is From Audrey’s. Audrey’s is a well known brand for make-up brushes and tools. I am already using Audrey’s tweezers and eyelash curler so thought to give a try for the nail file. So let’s get started.

Audrey's Pocket  Nail File
Product Description:

Details of Audrey’s Pocket nail File:

1. Pocket Nail File is a small nail file.
2. This compact nail file has a convenient holder to cover the abrasive part making it a perfect tool to carry around in your hand bag.
3. Audrey’s pocket nail files are available in three attractive colors


Rs. 60/-

Audrey's Pocket  Nail File (3)

Audrey's Pocket  Nail File (4)

My Experience on Audrey’s Pocket nail File:

Although there are lot varieties of nail files available,  I  thought to give it a try and I am glad that I bought this. The main advantage of this product is it comes with a cover cap that’s really awesome and we don’t find many nail file swith cover so it’s more hygienic and you can carry it very easily without putting it into some packet. This cover also helps to protect the steel body of the file from any rust. Not only the packaging is  superb, it works pretty well too, I don’t have very long nails,  just medium so, I just file to give my nails some shape and it does its job well. I also use it to file my toe nails and it works nicely for that too. This pocket file is now a part of my hand bag .You can directly keep this nail file in your make up pouch as the body of the filer is covered so there is no issue.Its perfect for the people those who don’t have spare time for grooming their nails and also those who travel a lot. Just carry this file with you and you can trim your nail within few minutes anywhere. Here are some of the pictures of the nail file and it’s really cute.
Audrey's Pocket  Nail File (5)

Audrey's Pocket  Nail File (6)


Pros of Audrey’s Pocket Nail File :

1. Very affordable.
2. Travel friendly.
3. Pocket friendly.
4. Comes with a cover which is very rare and is hygiene.
5. Files very well.
6. Comes in a good packaging.
7. Very convenient to use.
8. Comes in various colors.
9. The cover and body of the tool is quite strong.

Audrey's Pocket  Nail File (2)


Cons of Audrey’s Pocket Nail File:

1. The size of the filer is small so I don’t know how well it will work for very long nails.
2.  Nonavailability of the Tool.

IMBB Rating:


Do I recommend Audrey’s Pocket nail File?

Yes, I would recommend to give a try because the tool does it job very well and is pocket friendly. You can carry it anywhere without any issues.

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6 thoughts on “Audrey’s Pocket Nail File Review

  1. wow this is such a cute one… *hifive* you look sooo glam even while filing your nails lol *happydance* even i have ordered a nail filer from the same brand… let’s see how it comes but i am expecting a good one after reading your review… *hifive* *drool*

  2. welcome to IMBB Sasmita :))
    I loveeee how cute this could get but i have switched to glass nail files *happy dance*

  3. Hi all
    *thankyou* so much for liking this. its my first review posted in IMBB and i just feel so lucky 🙂 i always read reviews and comments & i feel awesom when its hapeng to me..he he *thankyou* *haan ji*

  4. Hi meera 🙂 give dis a try u may lyk it.. i have got dis in 1 beauty store but its also available online in lot sites so you can get it easily 🙂

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