Aveeno Ultra Calming Gentle Makeup Removing Wipes Review

Aveeno Ultra Calming Gentle Makeup Removing Wipes Review

In this modern times, I feel like everything is fast paced, so I always try to device ways to save a little bit of time to allocate to something important.  Many different ways to save time will sum up to an hour of extra rest or sleep or some outdoor activities for exercise, etc. Aside from time, I also want to conserve my energy.  So, I go for things that are easy to use. I find makeup remover wipes so convenient to use and it saves me time compared to using makeup remover with cotton.  I have tried the Aveeno Active Naturals Ultra-Calming Gentle Make-Up Removing Wipes and here’s the review.


Product Description:

Oil- free, non-comedogenic, dermatologist tested, ophthalmologist tested.  Aveeno Ultra Calming Gentle Make-Up Removing Wipes are soft enough for dry sensitive skin. With Active Naturals, a natural ingredient related to Chamomile, they gently remove dirt, oil and makeup including mascara while leaving your skin feeling soothed.



Directions To Use:

Lift lid, remove one wipe and gently clean entire face, including eye area. There is no need to rinse. To protect wipes from drying out, immediately close lid after each use. Dispose of wipe in fresh bin (do not flush).

My Take on Aveeno Ultra Calming Gentle Makeup Removing Wipes:

Aveeno Active Naturals Ultra- Calming Gentle Make-Up Removing Wipes is packaged in a cream colored, plastic pouch with a plastic lid that you can lock to make sure the product doesn’t dry up.  I like this compared to those wipes with just peel off sticker to close the opening. I also love that it is travel friendly and handy.


Each pack has 25 wipes in it and has a fresh floral scent to it that I can say is really calming. I like the scent a lot and love it more because it does not irritate my skin. I tend to have irritations to fragrance. Each sheet is thick enough to clean my whole face, eyes and neck. It is sturdy yet so soft on skin. It can remove concealer (Maybelline Instant Rewind Concealer) that soap and water can’t remove efficiently. With regards to removing stubborn mascara, Aveeno wipes perform better than my Nivea Eye Makeup Remover which gives me raccoon eyes the next morning.


I can say that it calms my skin and cleans it well. I believe that this can be used alone without rinsing or whenever washing face with soap and water is not possible. It leaves face soft and moisturized.  It feels like I have put on a lightweight moisturizer on my face after using these wipes.



What I Like about Aveeno Ultra Calming Gentle Makeup Removing Wipes:

  • Gentle on skin.
  • Calms the skin.
  • Calming scent.
  • Does not cause irritation, rashes or breakouts.
  • Has enough moisture in it up until you finish the pack.
  • Sheets are durable.
  • Moisturizing.
  • Removes makeup efficiently.
  • Does not need rinsing.
  • Convenient packaging. Lid is good at keeping wipes moist and fresh.

What I Do Not Like about Aveeno Ultra Calming Gentle Makeup Removing Wipes:

  • I find it expensive at $7-8 for 25 makeup remover sheets.

IMBB Rating:


Final Thoughts:

I am on my second pack now and I would definitely recommend this product to everyone, especially to those who have dry and sensitive skin. I may try cheaper makeup remover wipes since I find this expensive, it’s like double the price of some other popular brands in the market. Overall, this is a great product.

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