Banjara’s 15 Minute Multani + Saffron Face Pack Review

You all know I am such a face pack junkie, I tend to try each and every face pack that I can probably lay my hands on :P; obviously in the hope that some magical face pack would wipe away all my skin care woes.  I got to try four variants from the recently-launched Banjara’s 15-minute face pack range – namely Multani + Sandal, Multani + Saffron, Multani + Papaya, Multani + Aloe Vera.  And to tell you the truth, these reached me at the correct time.  I was suffering from a bad bout of acne after I underwent a rich Shahnaz Husain facial meant for “dry skin” (I have oily, acne-prone skin) complete with deep nourishing creams 😛 I was enjoying relatively acne-free skin up until then; but the decision to get that facial done was absolutely terrible. Read on to find out whether these face packs benefited my skin in any way or not.

Banjara's 15 Minute Multani + Saffron Face Pack

Product Description:

Banjara’s 15 Minute Face Pack with Multani + Saffron is a unique blend of multani mitti and saffron extract to give you clear and radiant skin.  Multani mitti cleanses the skin, absorbs the excess oil, opens up the pores, reduces pimples marks and counteracts the effect of tanning to makeyour skin clear.  Saffron lightens the skin, enhances the complexion to make your skin radiant.  Say goodbye to your skin problems in just 15 minutes with Banjara’s Face Pack – Multani + Saffron.

Banjara's 15 Minute Multani + Saffron Face Pack

Key Ingredients:

Banjara's 15 Minute Multani + Saffron Face Pack

Directions For Use:

Wash the face with neck with Banjara’s Face Wash. Apply evenly on the face and neck, avoiding area around the eyes and mouth. Allow it to dry for 10 to 15 minutes.  Wash off with water.

Banjara's 15 Minute Multani + Saffron Face Pack


Rs. 100 for 100 gm.


My Experience with Banjara’s 15 Minute Multani + Saffron Face Pack:

Out of the four variants I received, I picked up this one (Multani + Saffron) to review because the description specifically mentions that it’s gonna be effective against pimples and would absorb excess oil.  I wanted exactly that; I wanted to get rid of pimples which were a result of using excessively hydrating products.  The base multani mitti and saffron is added to impart radiance to the skin.

Banjara's 15 Minute Multani + Saffron Face Pack

Coming to the packaging, the Banjara’s brand have really worked to make the tube travel friendly and it’s a welcome change from powder face packs, which can a bit messy.  This face pack has a creamy base and the texture is of perfect consistency required for a face pack, does not take much effort to spread it evenly on the face. It has a very mild and pleasant scent, does not bother the olfactory senses at all.

Banjara's 15 Minute Multani + Saffron Face Pack

Ideally, the pack should be kept on for 15 minutes and then rinsed off with water.  The best thing is that pack comes off without any mess.  The pack is such that it wouldn’t dry up to an uncomfortable state even when you keep it for 15 minutes.

Coming to the effectiveness, I was kind of surprised that even though this is a multani-mitti based pack, it did not dry out my skin or made it stretchy (even on cold wintery days) after I washed the pack off.  That makes it suitable for all skin types.  After two to three uses, I could see that there was an improvement in my acne situation and yes, it’s effective in absorbing excessive oil without actually drying out the skin.  Regular use did improve the skin condition overall, but you would not be able to see instant radiance.  It works as a good face pack and takes a bit of time to show results.

Banjara's 15 Minute Multani + Saffron Face Pack

It’s a good bet for oily skin with multani mitti as a base and also good for other skin types.  I have tried Multani + Papaya, Multani + Aloe, Multani +Sandal and all have proved to be equally good.

Banjara's 15 Minute Multani + Saffron Face Pack

I would surely recommend these face packs to all of you considering they work very well for the price they come at. In this particular price range, they are pretty good to give your skin a nice little treat 🙂

Banjara's 15 Minute Multani + Saffron Face Pack

Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of Banjara’s 15 Minute Multani + Saffron Face Pack:

  • Has natural ingredients like multani mitti and saffron.
  • Did help in clearing up my breakouts up to an extent.
  • Does not dry out the skin.
  • Good for all skin types.
  • Helps improve overall skin condition with regular use.

Cons of Banjara’s 15 Minute Multani + Saffron Face Pack:

  • Complete list of ingredients is missing, only key ingredients are mentioned.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase Banjara’s 15 Minute Multani + Saffron Face Pack?

Yes, the saffron and papaya variants.

Would I Recommend Banjara’s 15 Minute Multani + Saffron Face Pack?

Yes, to oily skin particularly 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Banjara’s 15 Minute Multani + Saffron Face Pack Review

  1. Nice review.. Even I too had a similar acne break out after shahnaz silver facial a month back marks are still visible..I m trying every possible way to get rid of the marks..will try this pack

  2. those pictures just tempt me to get all of those.. specially tempted to get the saffron variant.. and i am picking it up for sure 🙂 helps in clearing breakouts is great.. our skin type is the same so i guess its gonna help me out 🙂

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