Banjara’s Carrot Gel Review

Banjara’s Carrot Gel Review

Banjara's Carrot Gel Review

As per the pack:

Banjara’s Carrot Gel contains natural carotenes which help in moisturizing and anti ageing/aging treatment. It takes its immediate effect as soon as its applied and supports healthy working of cutaneous tissue which contributes to its restoration. The vitamin A in carrot gel helps in repairing dermic damage caused due to sun rays.

I know this gel says anti-aging on the cover, but I honestly don’t think that a Banjara’s product would have any anti-aging effect on the skin. I bought this because I wanted a light moisturizing gel for every day use, as an alternative to my regular cream. This is my first time trying this brand, and I don’t quite know what possessed me to randomly pick this off the shelf without even bothering about the absence of an ingredients list, and the fact that this is an unknown brand for me, but then that day, I had eaten some 5 pieces of cake and then gone out for shopping, so it was possible that I was on a sugar rush! :toothygrin:

Directions For Use:

Cleanse your face well with warm water and apply small amount of gel over the face and neck with your fingers, avoiding eyes. You can see the effects as the skin gets firmer as the gel dries with the nutrient feed that protects the skin all day long.

Why I Bought This:

For a few weeks now, I have wanted a light moisturizing gel that I can use as a daily moisturizer, plus I was on a sugar rush. Also, it claims to contain carrot extracts, and the box was such a bright orange with pretty carrot pictures on it! :))

Banjara's gel


Rs. 60 for 85 gm.

Shelf Life:

3 years.

My Take on Banjara’s Carrot Gel:

I never really expected to, but I totally love this gel, and I’m going to tell you guys why.

Why I Like Banjara’s Carrot Gel:

1. It does not leave my skin dry. It provides just the right amount of moisturization for my dry skin.
2. It smells like men’s cologne. I like! :toothygrin:
3. It goes on really smooth and dries in a minute.
4. My skin feels really nice once it dries – all smooth and soft.
5. Very little quantity is needed for one use.
6. It did not break me out at all.
7. The only face makeup I use is pressed powder under my eyes. It feels so nice to apply pressed powder over this gel! :teddy:
8. I love the happy-looking orange colored gel with the bubbles in it!!! It looks like Jell-O!!!

carrot gel

9.  It spreads very easily.

10. I like the tub packaging, as I always wash my hands before I dip them into my makeup/skin care products, and this way, there isn’t a whole lot of product wastage because of what’s left in the tube that you can’t get out.
11. Pretty cheap.
12. Great quantity that will last for quite a few months, even with regular usage.
13. Did not irritate or inflame my skin.

Reasons to Dislike Banjara’s Carrot Gel:

1. Some people may not like the strong scent of men’s cologne. As much as I like it, there are some mornings when I wish it just wasn’t there. If you are really hungry/feeling not so good in the morning, the smell can sicken you a bit more, since it is so strong. It is as good as applying cologne all over your face. See what I mean? :haanji:
2. I really do wish there was an ingredients list provided, as I would like to know what I’m putting on my face.
3. The anti-ageing claim isn’t really for me; I plan to start using products in this respect only once I hit my thirties or so. I still have a good number of years left. 😛
4. I find it pretty amusing that a company can have such lofty claims and yet sell a product so cheap.
5. I haven’t seen it much around, so availability is kind of an issue.
6. It is kind of awkward to kiss/hug when you smell of “guy.”  :toothygrin:

How I Use Banjara’s Carrot Gel:

Ever since I bought this gel, this is my morning makeup routine, which is completed in 5 minutes. :preen: In the morning, I wash my face with warm water. Without drying it with a towel, I take a tiny bit of this gel and spread it on my neck and face. It takes about a minute to dry, during which I apply sunscreen to my feet and arms. Then, once it is dry, I apply sunscreen to my face (if I’m using some that day) and then follow up with pressed powder under my eyes. Then I do my eye makeup and use a gloss or lip balm, and I’m all set for the day! :))

A swatch of the gel on my hand:



I love the way this works for me. If you notice, not even one of the cons mentioned above has a thing to do with the product itself. Of course, the smell isn’t such an issue as I have made it out to be, but then this is a review, and I have to let you guys know the characteristics of the product that you may have an issue with. Overall, a recommended product if you’re looking for something light and moisturizing for every day use.



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20 thoughts on “Banjara’s Carrot Gel Review

  1. Great review! tempting enough to make me buy this. I quite like their aloe gel so I am expecting this to be a decent enough product too.

  2. Not bad! :woot: but I am almost always hungry,so this will be nausea inducing for me. :sick:
    I think I’ll try the aloe vera gel first. :preen: I don’t like carrots anyway. :dumb: :huh:
    Thanks for the review, Samantha! :teddy: :teddy:

    1. Ah, Pragnyadeepta :pompom: !
      Then yeah, don’t try this :stars:
      I’m going to try their aloe gel next too :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

      1. I want to…especially because I like colognes..magar carrot. :nono: :yuck: :huh:
        All the time I have to eat carrot sambhar. :yikes:
        I think I might just try both! :dumb: :dumb:

  3. “It is kind of awkward to kiss/hug when you smell of “guy.” :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: I knw what you mean. i have one body wash and whenever i use it I get so conscious… it’s terrible to smell like that :tongue: :tongue:

    I ahve never heard of carrot gels ever. bt geee for dry skin… sounds good :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. Yeah :toothygrin:
      I had never heard of carrot gel either, before this. :tongue:
      And it’s not intensively moisturizing, but it’s pretty good. Probably better for the summers when there’s a tendency to get all hot and sweaty.

    1. It is pretty good, Visakhi 🙂
      The smell is purely personal preference. The problem is that we can’t smell it before buying 🙂

  4. Nice review Samantha.. :waytogo: :waytogo:
    I can totally understand since I’d a bod spray once I thought smelled of ‘Sea and Oceans n blah blah’ and my husb thought ‘Smells like a guy after gym shower’… so i had to chuck it…
    Ive used their aloe gel and some face packs, i dint find it very great or very bad, but may be ill giv this brand anotehr try.. :teddy:

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