Barbara Hofmann Professional Series Eyeshadow Brush Review

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Today’s review is about Barbara Hofmann Eyeshadow Brush from their Professional series. Barbara Hofmann brushes have around 5 different series which varies in quality as well as cost. The brush I am reviewing today is from the professional series which is somewhat in the intermediate range in terms of price and quality.

Barbara Hofmann Professional Series Eyeshadow Brush Review

Product Description:
Eyeshadow bush for blending and shading of different pigments. Handmade of Asian pony hair. Very elastic and soft. Oval-shaped. For the care of brushes we recommend the special Barbara hofmann soap and cleaner. 17 cms.

€5 (approximately INR 350)


Asian pony hair

My Experience with Barbara Hofmann Professional Series Eyeshadow Brush:

The brush, as you can see from the pictures, is black in color with metal clasps. The handles are matte black which I prefer as most of the makeup brushes I own are in the same color family and they look good when packed together on my dresser. The handle of the brush is of right length (17cms) and thickness. It’s very comfortable to handle and use.


The bristles are dark black in color and are made of high quality Asian pony hair. I normally don’t prefer animal hair as it’s difficult to maintain. The advantage of synthetic brushes is that they are easy to maintain. I have washed it once and I noticed no shedding. I just don’t have the patience to take extra care for animal hair brushes. I generally wash my brushes once a week and use the same method for all. I just apply some shampoo and scrub the bristles on my palm. Then rinse it. They are as good as new. One advantage of having black bristles is the brush doesn’t look dirty even after few uses.

eyeshadow brush

The bristles are densely and tightly packed. One stroke on the eye shadow pigment is sufficient for one eyelid. The brush picks up the right amount of the product and can easily be dabbed on the eyelid. I use this particular brush to apply the base color. I use the base color on top of the eye primer. Normally I use matte eye shadows for office. I apply a beige color all over my eyelid with this brush.

pony hair eyeshadow brush

The brush is of the right width making it quick to apply the base color. I cannot work with small brushes as it takes a ton of time and I am always running late in the mornings. The brush also feels soft on the eyelids during application and doesn’t prick the sensitive skin of the eye. Overall I am satisfied with the product. It’s definitely not the best, but at least a good one for that price.

Pros of Barbara Hofmann Professional Series Eyeshadow Brush:

• Not expensive
• Picks up the right quantity of product
• Quick to work with
• Tightly packed bristles

Cons of Barbara Hofmann Professional Series Eyeshadow Brush:

• Pony hair bristles (I personally don’t prefer animal hair brushes)

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Barbara Hofmann Professional Series Eyeshadow Brush?
This brush will last a very long time and I don’t see a need for me to buy the same brush again. I would rather buy something else at that point of time.

Would I Recommend Barbara Hofmann Professional Series Eyeshadow Brush?
If you are looking for a basic brush which functions well and is not all fancy, then go for this one. It doesn’t cost much either.

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