Basic Must Haves in Your Wardrobe

Must Have Wardrobe Basics

Do you feel that you have nothing to wear even when you shop regularly? Do you often feel that something is always missing while putting together your outfits? If yes then your wardrobe lacks basic essentials. These essentials are, well essential, and if you stock them up, you can mix and match between them to put together different outfits.

Here is a check list for wardrobe staples:


women tops
A basic formal white shirt- both full and half sleeves
Basic t-shirts- camisoles, v-necks- both full and half sleeves
Tank tops
Dressy blouses or shirts- either with sequence, or ruffles, or dressy buttons, or special fabrics
Short Kurtis- image source:


women bottoms jeans
Blue jeans- dark and light shades
Black jeans
All season dressy pants
Day to night skirt in black
Office skirt
Denim skirt
Denim shorts
Summery dressy skirt


women dresses
Tshirt dress/ flowy dress- depending on your style
Maxi dress


women jackets outerwear
leather jacket
denim jacket
trench coat
woollen coat


women sweaters
Wool v neck
Wool turtle neck
Sweater dress

Stock up these and have fun putting together your outfits. Be creative, be yourself.

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6 thoughts on “Basic Must Haves in Your Wardrobe

  1. WOW!!!! So many must haves!! I toh don’t have half of these!!! But I’ll keep this in mind when I go shopping next… :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  2. nice post. but i think the ‘must have’ list is done here according to western fashion. lots of Indian girls wont agree with the list. i love my traditional wardrobe. 🙂

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