Batiste Medium and Brunette Dry Shampoo Plus Review

Hello sweeties,
Batiste is one brand that I am totally loyal to whenever it comes to dry shampoos! While their usual dry shampoos impressed me to the core, I wondered how the new super unique coloured dry shampoo would work for me. I have coloured hair and get fresh growth super quickly, so I thought this would be a great one for my hair. Read on to know whether it lived upto the Batiste reputation in my eyes or not!
Batiste Medium and Brunette Dry Shampoo Plus Review

$5.99 for 120g/Retails for Rs 649 in India

Product Description:
Beautiful brunettes! Keep the passion and power in your hair by avoiding white marks with our boosting brown blend.

how to use

Shake vigorously before use.  Keeping nozzle about 30 cm from hair, spray into roots.  Massage through with fingertips.  Brush & style.

My Experience with Batiste Medium and Brunette Dry Shampoo Plus:


I have thin and limp hair and my hair gets greasy pretty quickly especially during summers! Hence, I need a few bottles of dry shampoo in my vanity to freshen up my hair every now and then. This one is a very famous brand and is well known for dry shampoos, so will not talk much about the brand.

The dry shampoo comes in a long, sleek cylindrical tin in silver and medium brown colour. The dry shampoo packaging looks really fancy with all the swirls and waves over it. It has a transparent cap and has a spray nozzle which is very easy to use. You can carry it in your bag around as well if going for an office conference and or a date; this would be great to make your hair look fresh. They have a variety of sizes so yes the packaging would fall under the travel-friendly category.


Smell and feel on the hair:
They have strictly instructed to hold the spray can 30 cm away from the scalp and spray it. The spraying wasn’t that tough and as soon as I started to spray it, I could smell a fresh crisp scent which was pleasant. So it takes away that greasy smell from the hair. Usually when I spray a dry shampoo, I see a white cast but since this is the coloured variant, I could see a light brown cast but it looks a bit muddy to me. The colour did not look very natural nor was it great enough to conceal my fresh growth. It did add a bit of colour to my roots but you could easily make out my fresh growth and coloured hair. So not very impressed with the colour part!

open packaging

I was really amazed to see that all the greasiness and oil from my hair has vanished with the powder and it looked like I had given a nice shampoo to my hair, although not as fresh as a shampoo. It worked very nicely like a normal dry shampoo and gave a bit of a lift to my hair too. I touched the scalp and it looked completely oil-free but the colour got deposited on my scalp which is why I had to wash it. Else the coloured build-up would cause hairfall. I think it is a great alternative which actually works so you don’t have to shampoo your hair every other day, but I would always prefer the normal ones over these coloured ones.

spray pump



Pros of Batiste Medium and Brunette Dry Shampoo Plus:

• Packaging looks attractive
• Handy as it’s available in a travel-size version too
• Great for travels and also for office or college
• The spray nozzle is great and is very convenient to use
• Smells very fresh
• A good alternative to regular shampoos
• Absorbs the oil completely from the hair in 2 minutes
• Works on thick hair as well as on thin fine hair
• Does not leave a white cast on the hair
• Gives a bit of lift to my hair making it look voluminous

Cons of Batiste Medium and Brunette Dry Shampoo Plus:

• Limited availability in India
• The colour dispensing is very uneven
• The colour does not match my hair colour
• The colour content is very low; not enough to cover the roots
• The colour causes a build-up in my hair which feels like mud

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Batiste Medium and Brunette Dry Shampoo Plus?
Nope! I would like to stick to the regular dry shampoos from Batiste as this coloured variant failed to work for me.

IMBB Rating:

I am really happy that finally Batiste has entered India and we all can take advantage of it.

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