Ways to Get The Best Out of Your Dry Shampoo

If you have greasy scalp, you would need a dry shampoo every now and then. It seriously acts like a life changer as it transforms your hair within seconds without making it look oily or greasy. It helps to make your hair look cleaner, more stylish and also adds some volume to it. Whether you are new to this whole concept of dry shampoo or have been using it for years, try these hacks to get the best out of it!

Ways to Get The Best Out of Your Dry Shampoo4

Keep Your Hands Off Your Hair

Once you have flaked some dry shampoo on your hair, keep your hands away for good. Irritating your hair with fingers will make them greasy and also unmanageable.

Ditch Your Blow Dryer

Ways to Get The Best Out of Your Dry Shampoo5

After you have applied dry shampoo, stay away from that nasty blow dryer. Too much of blow dryer can blow away the dry shampoo, leading again to a greasy scalp. This will lead to the wastage of both, your time and shampoo.

Tackle That Oily Crown

The crown area on your head tends to be the most oily area. You need to pull your hair back from the crown area and then flake or spray some dry shampoo. This will help soak up excess oil and will give it a little volume too.

Put Your Hair Brush to Good Use

Ways to Get The Best Out of Your Dry Shampoo6

You can always flake dry shampoo on the bristles of your hair brush and then run it thoroughly through your hair. Don’t just randomly flake the shampoo, as there are high risk of missing out some parts.

Add Volume with Dry Shampoo

An easy way to ‘naturally’ volumize your hair is to use a dry shampoo on damp hair. Wait until your hair is nearly dry and when it’s still 15% damp, spray some dry shampoo evenly on the lengths and ends. This will create a layer on the strands, fattening them up to appear thicker and more voluminous.

Follow Correct Hair Parting Rules

Ways to Get The Best Out of Your Dry Shampoo3

While using a dry shampoo, parting your hair correctly is must! You need to make the maximum amount of sections possible, especially if you have naturally thick hair. Now, take one part and flake some dry shampoo and run the hairbrush again. Continue doing this with the rest of the sections.

Leave Your Hair Alone

It is very important to leave your undisturbed for few minutes so that the dry shampoo gets soaked into the scalp and absorbs excess sweat and grease. So, while applying dry shampoo, rub it near the roots of the hair strand, comb it well and then leave it.

Cocoa Comes to Rescue

Ways to Get The Best Out of Your Dry Shampoo2

If your dry shampoo is white in color and your hair is brown or black, you might be facing some dilemma. Now what? Dry shampoo would obviously get highlighted over your dark colored hair. To solve this problem, make your own dry shampoo. Take some cocoa powder and mix it well with dry shampoo. This will give a nice contrast and shine also to your hair.

Try Some Great Alternatives

You need not empty your pockets to buy some expensive dry shampoos from the market. Baby powder is a great alternative that is cheap and effective. Did you know you could even use some white flour as a dry shampoo too? White flour does not contain any fragrance in it, so you might spray some perfume after applying the white flour.

And, Some Unknown Tools

Ways to Get The Best Out of Your Dry Shampoo1

If you don’t want to use your fingertips, you can always use some makeup brush or even a toothbrush to apply your dry shampoo well.

Spend Your Night Wisely

To get the best results, always use a dry shampoo at night. This will make sure that the oil from your scalp gets absorbed completely. In the morning, you just need to dab some before stepping out.

Dry Shampoo as Hair Color

Ways to Get The Best Out of Your Dry Shampoo

Give a temporary tint to your hair or give yourself highlights with colored dry shampoo. You can spray strands with a dry shampoo made for a hair color similar to yours, but just slightly lighter or darker in hue to add some dimension.

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