Beauty Tricks to Make Your Life Easier

Who doesn’t love a good beauty trick that actually works? I have used these tricks all the time and they really work for me. So hopefully they work for you too. 🙂

Beauty Tricks

Cover up that zit!

Generally, when I try to conceal acne or even an acne scar, the top of the zit always does not get covered, it is only the rest of it that does. You can solve this problem by layering on eyeshadow primer on them before going in with concealer. This will hold on the concealer and provide an even surface for the concealer to cover it up.

Beauty Tricks

Prolong cleaning time for brushes!

When you are using any powder product, especially for eyeshadow, you will go through brushes like water, even in one sitting. One way to avoid using multiple brushes for eyeshadow in the first place is to use a donut bun. After you have finished using one brush, just brush it on the donut bun a few times and all the product will come out of the brush and so you can reuse it for whatever you may need. You can use the same technique for powder brushes also.

This will prolong cleaning time for your brushes. But this tip will only work for powder products and not cream products.

Beauty Tricks

Foundation for troubled skin!

If you find liquid foundations break you out or if you have troubled skin, then powder mineral foundations are a very safe bet. It is quicker than using liquid foundation and so will speed up your foundation routine. I recommend Bare Minerals powder foundations. These have not broken me out in the one year I have been using them.

Beauty Tricks

Get sheer coverage from high coverage foundation!

Mist your foundation brush slightly with some sort of medium like Fix+ or Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray and then pick up your liquid foundation and mix at the back of the hand and apply. This is a great trick when you want to sheer out foundation for more everyday looks and set the foundation, all in one go.

Beauty Tricks

Are you using the bobby pin correctly?

We all tend to use the bobby pin with the wavy side up and smooth side down. But this defeats the purpose of it altogether. The smooth side lets the hair slip, so you will find the bobby pin does not hold hair properly or comes undone quickly. So, always use the bobby pin with the wavy side down instead of up. This takes some conscious effort to change when starting out, but now I feel it is unnatural to do it the way I used to!

Beauty Tricks

The ultimate natural blush look!

After applying your blush, go over and slightly blend away with foundation brush (I use the same brush as the one I use for powder foundation). This will also soften the harsh edges created by the blush brush and look as if you naturally have a flush of colour.

Beauty Tricks

Don’t throw away that frosty lipstick!

If you have lip product that looks too frosty or light, try dabbing it in centre of the lips with a complementary shade all around it. This way, you end up using the product instead of introducing the product and hence, your cash to the dust bin.

Beauty Tricks

Don’t have access to eyeshadow primer/helper?

Use concealer instead. Set concealer with setting powder before proceeding to eyeshadow if you have oily eyelids. Bonus: this will also cancel out the veins a lot of people have in the eyelids.

Beauty Tricks

Ran out of eyebrow gel?

Spray hairspray on spoolie and use it to tame and set eyebrows in place all day. I use Loreal Elnett Satin spray.

Beauty Tricks

Bobby pins keep popping all over the place?

Make an x with 2 bobby pins to keep any hair section in place. You can be sure it is not going anywhere

Beauty Tricks

So there you go. Hopefully, these will help your beauty routine and even speed it up a little.

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